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Harvest Drive Olympics

Student Council

President - Salvatore LaMotta
Vice President - Dominic Lagone
Secretary - Alex Kieffer
Parliamentarian - Noah Senffner

Class of 2014 Representatives
Megan Abbott
Cam Galgano
Tyler Harton
Matt Harrington
Claire Huguelet
Kaitlyn Kman
Morgan Manghera
Dyamond Parker
Justin Salazar
Colleen Sloyan

Class of 2015 Representatives
Ryan Carp
Annie Corso
Michael Davis
Matthew Diehl
Cory Griffith
Nicki Griffith
Emma Griffiths
Izzy Guidotti
Will McCabe
Anna Pfeiffer

Class of 2016 Representatives
Colin Brankin
Claire Baudek
David Charnot
Anthony DiNardi
Jackson Dvorak
Dana Joseph
Patrick Kay
Tom Kelley
Athena Nakos
Brendan O'Hara

Class of 2017 Representatives
Mark Cachey
Joey Harris
Annie Huguelet
Blake Jensen
Dani Kieffer
Rosie Lagone
Meghan Morrissette
Ben Owings
Jake Schutter
Elijah Williams

General Information
Join the Student Council by running for office in any or all of your four years of school. Plan many student activities like Homecoming Week, Spring Fling Week, and Harvest Drive Olympics! Student Council members are also asked to help with various other school related activities. Be a part of the action and make a difference in the Provi community!

Meetings: Student Council meets at least twice a month before/after school. Watch announcements for news.


Mrs. Mary Beth Harris
Office in Library

1800 W. Lincoln Hwy., New Lenox, IL 60451 - phone (815) 485-2136 fax (815) 485-2709