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Emergency Closing Information

Policy Concerning Inclement Weather
All parents are aware that freezing temperatures may be dangerous to students who must wait in the cold. It is up to the individual parent to determine whether or not their student’s health is at risk when the cold is intense.

When there is snow on the ground, or it is snowing, or there is a threat of snow, please be alert for an announcement from PCHS. If a snow schedule is in effect, school will begin one hour later and the buses will run one hour later to allow snowplows to open roads. School will be in session whenever the school buses can run safely.

School Closing Announcements:
When school is closed, we will use the Connect-Ed system to notify parents by phone of the closing. Please be sure that we have your current contact information. Go to the MyConnect web portal.

You may also do any of the following.

  • Check the PCHS Website, right here on this page.

  • Check the Emergency Center Closing Website

  • Call our emergency closing phone line at
    815-717-3131 for announcements. For the most efficient use of the phone system, please use this number instead of the main school phone number when calling about emergency closings.

  • Listen to any of the following radio stations for information about school closings: WMAQ, WGN, WLS, B96 (FM), WBBM, WJOL, WONU.

For the quickest
information, call the
Emergency Closing Line

To ensure that you receive
our Connect5 calls,
be sure you have updated
your contact information
on MyConnect!
MyConnect Login.

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