Software & Set-up for Student Devices

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Updated 1-2-17

Microsoft Office Suite

Thanks to PCHS licensing with Microsoft, all students are entitled to install the full version of Microsoft Office on their devices.  It is NOT necessary to purchase Microsoft Office on your own.  Please note that new students will receive login credentials at the BYOD set-up session prior to the start of the school year; they can install Office at that time.

Before proceeding, you may want to watch a short video  from Microsoft on how to install.  There are separate videos for Windows and Mac.

  1. IMPORTANT:  If you have a Microsoft Office on your device already (even if it is a trial version), uninstall it and reboot.  It is never recommended that you have two different installations of the software.
  2. Login at  You will need your PCHS email address and password.
  3. Click on Install Office 2016 in the upper right.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

Required Apps

Below is a list of required software applications to be installed on student devices.  For your convenience, we have included links to the download page.

AppDescriptionDownload available at:
Adobe Reader (or other pdf reader)PDF reader
AudacityAudio recorder and editorSourceForge
ChromeGoogle's browser; preferred for certain sites and appsGoogle
Cute PDF (or other PDF printer)Create a pdf file from any printable document or file
QR Reader (or other similar application)Scans and reads QR codes and bar codesiOS
Logger ProUsed in Science Courses; installation password will be provided by science teacher; for detailed instructions, go to this page

Important: After installation of version 3.14, you MUST install the update as well.
Windows 10, 8, 7
Mac OS 10.12, 10.22, 10.10

Update to version 3.14
VLC PlayerMultimedia player, format convertor and moreVLC download page
PythonProgramming LanguagePython Download page
WeVideo Chrome ExtensionVideo editorDownload here - you will need to login to a Google account if you have one

Add to Browser Favorites

Many of the online activities and work students will be doing be web-based, with no software installation required.  Below is a list of the most frequently used tools at PCHS to date.  We suggest that you visit these sites, add them to your browser favorites.  While you are there, why not explore and experiment with the site, and even watch the tutorials?

Site NameHyperlink

Wi-Fi Set-up

When you bring your laptop/tablet to school, you will need to do the following tasks.  They cannot be done at home!  Stop by the Tech Office if you need assistance.

1. Connect to CelticNet Wi-Fi network (You need to do this once and your device should remember the network).

2. Login to the Barracuda filter   (Use your network login name – not your email address – and password.  You need to do this every day.)

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