Receiving emails from PCHS

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Safe Senders

We rely primarily on email to send newsletters and other information to families. Please be sure that you have whitelisted the following addresses.  (That is, add them to your “safe senders” list, or mark them not as junk or spam.)

  • Any email address
  • (these are emails that are sent via PlusPortal)

It is always good practice to check your junk/spam/clutter folder for any emails from that may have been incorrectly flagged. (See below for more details.)

If you are a parent or guardian and are not receiving our emails, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your junk, spam and clutter folders for the email.
  2. If you find the email in one of those folders, be sure to mark it as a “safe sender” or “not spam”. This will prevent future emails from us from being marked as spam. (See below.)
  3. If you still do not receive our emails, it is possible that we do not have your correct email on file.
    Call or email our registrar Mrs. Laurie Ford (, 815-717-3181) to confirm your contact information.

Managing your Spam and Junk folders

For your convenience, we have provided links to tutorials for handling junk mail folders for the most popular email software and providers:

We regularly post all our emails and parent newsletters on the Family Newsletter page of our website.

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