What is a Primary Parent?

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The  “Primary Parent” is the parent who is responsible for completing forms and other “action items”.  We use this term when referring to emails and forms.

When you registered your student, you indicated who will be the primary parent.  The primary parent is the one who will receive information that requires action on your part such as completing online forms, setting up accounts, etc.   Our student database (Rediker) requires that only one parent per student complete the forms.  If both parents complete the same form, data can become corrupted.  Therefore we ask you to choose which parent will be the one to do that work.

The Primary Parent should also be the person who best knows the student’s medical history.   In the case of split households, the Primary Parent is usually the one with whom the students primarily resides, as that is where we generally email and mail information.

If you would like to change the Primary Parent for your family, please contact our registrar, Laurie Ford.

  • Newsletters are sent to ALL parents for whom we have a valid email address.
  • ParentPlus access is provided to ALL parents as well.  (Each parent must have a unique email address, as that is his/her ParentPlus user name.)
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