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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

This page is your “one-stop-shop” for all back to school information.  Please check back often for updated information.

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8/2/17 – Student Schedules & Lunches

On the morning of Tuesday August 2, we will email the student class schedule to parents.  The schedules will also be placed in the parent & student  e-locker in PlusPortal.

IMPORTANT:  Schedules will be emailed to the parents only if the student’s first month’s tuition is paid.  In conjunction with the schedule release, we will re-open PlusPortal to families (both parents and students)  who have met the above obligation.

If you do not receive the student schedule, and you cannot login to PlusPortal, please call Ms. Laura Ziesmer in the Tuition Office at 815.717.3176 to verify or arrange for tuition payment.  (Please do not call the Main Office or Tech Office, as those personnel do not have access to your tuition accounts.)

Lunch Periods

Lunches will not be printed on the student schedule this year.  To determine your 4th period lunch and your 6th period lunch, view the Lunch Schedules.

7/31/17 – Back to School Checklist

Two weeks until the start of classes! And the Freshmen Welcome day is closer than that!

Use this handy list to make sure you are on track for the start of the school year.  Detailed information about all the items on the list can be found below on this page and in the June and July newsletters.

Download a copy of the Back to School Checklist here.

7/27/17 – What is a Primary Parent?

The  “Primary Parent” is the parent who is responsible for completing forms and other “action items”.  We use this term when referring to emails and forms.

When you registered your student, you indicated who will be the primary parent.  The primary parent is the one who will receive information that requires action on your part such as completing online forms, setting up accounts, etc.   Our student database (Rediker) prefers that only one parent per student can complete the forms.  Otherwise, if both parents complete the same form, data can be corrupted.  Therefore we ask you to choose which parent will be the one to do that work.

The Primary Parent should also be the person who best knows the student’s medical history.   In the case of split households, the Primary Parent is usually the one with whom the students primarily resides, as that is where we generally email and mail information.

The last item we sent to a Primary Parent only was the information about Payforit (see below).  If you would like to change the Primary Parent for your family, please contact our registrar, Laurie Ford.

  • Newsletters are sent to ALL parents for whom we have a valid email address.
  • ParentPlus access is provided to ALL parents as well.  (Each parent must have a unique email address, as that is his/her ParentPlus user name.)

7/26/17 – PlusPortal Access Limited through August 2

While we finalize student and teacher schedules, your access to information on StudentPlus and ParentPlus is limited.  Users will not be able to view any schedules or courses.  User can view the e-Locker, which contains important reports and the student demographic information.

During this time, be aware that the mobile app will not function.  You can still login to PlusPortal using a web browser.

Portal access will be restored on August 2 for all families who have completed the Family information form, returned the State of Illinois physical form (Freshmen only) and have paid the first month’s tuition.  Be sure that you meet these deadlines – we know how anxious students are to see their schedules!

7/26/17 – Payforit-QuikLunch Information emailed

We sent an email to the primary parent for each student.  It contains information about establishing a Payforit account.  Payforit enables your student to purchase cafeteria items with his/her Student ID card.  Learn more here.

Please be aware that if you already  have a Payforit account, there is no need to set up a new one this year.  Your current account is still active.  You may login and add any new students to your account, and check the account balances prior to the first day of classes.

Even if you will always make deposits to your student’s account by sending a check to PCHS, you should still create a Payforit account.  You will be able to monitor the account balance and see what your student has been purchasing.

If you have any questions, be sure to email

7/20/17 – ParentPlus activation emailed

We sent a ParentPlus activation email to all NEW parents who provided us with a valid email address.   Each parent and each student has his/her own PlusPortal account.

New students will receive their activation codes at the BYOD set-up session or during the first week of school.  If you have any questions, email

Learn more about ParentPlus.

7/18/17 – July Newsletter emailed

This is a big one!  Contains lots of back-to-school information as well as dates for fall sports tryouts, the fall musical auditions, BYOD, and much more.  This is one you will want to read carefully!

View newsletters online here.

7/17/17: Virtual Bookstore Grand Opening!

Order your textbooks by July 31 and get free shipping!  Get all the details and ordering instructions here.

7/14/17:  Course Selection Report emailed

We sent an email to the primary parent for each student, containing the student’s Course Selection Report.  That information is provided to you so that you can purchase textbooks.

Please remember that is NOT your student’s final class schedule.  Class schedules will be emailed beginning August 2.  More details in the July Family Newsletter.

6/30/17: Family Information Form emailed

So that we have the most current demographic and medical information about your child, we ask the primary parent of each family to update this form.  The primary parent (which you indicated at registration) will receive one email per student.  Be sure to update EACH form.

  • If you are a returning parent and did not receive the form, you can access it via ParentPlus.  Login to ParentPlus and click on Forms (upper right on green menu bar).  You will see a form for each student enrolled at PCHS.
  • If you are a new parent and did not receive the email, please contact Mrs. Laurie Ford at 815-717-3181.

6/27/17: June Newsletter emailed

This newsletter contains important information, including a timeline to help you  make sure you are ready for the new year.  It was emailed to all parents for whom we have a valid email address.  If you did not receive it, please follow the steps on this page.

View newsletters online here.

6/20/17: Class of 2021 Newsletter emailed

All newsletters are emailed to parents for whom we have a valid email address.   They are also posted online here.

6/15/17: Busing Contracts Due today

Even though the date may have passed, you can still arrange for your student’s transportation.  Get a busing contract here.

6/9/17: Registration for BYOD Set-up Session Opens

Email was sent to the primary parent for each member of the Class of 2021, containing dates and registration information.

View/print your copy of the email for full details and instructions.  Sessions are filling up, so register soon!

Summer Timeline & Due Dates

Complete details  about these items are in the June 2017 Newsletter  and the July 2017 Newsletter, and can also be found on this page.

  • 6/15 – Busing contract due
  • 6/30 – Online Family Information form will be emailed to the Primary contact for each student
  • 7/1 – eTechCampus virtual bookstore open for preview only
  • 7/10 – First tuition statement mailed
  • 7/14 – Course Selection Report emailed to primary parent for each student
  • 7/17 – eTechCampus bookstore open for purchasing (more info)
  • 7/25 – BYOD setup sessions for Freshmen (more info)
  • 7/26 – PlusPortal access limited
  • 7/26 – Payforit letter emailed to primary parent
  • 8/1 – First tuition payment due.  PlusPortal access disabled while we finalize student schedules
  • 8/1 – State of Illinois Physical form due for freshmen only
  • 8/1 – Family Information forms due back for all students
  • 8/2 – Student schedules emailed and posted in elocker of PlusPortal (provided first tuition payment received)
  • 8/2 – BYOD Setup sessions for Freshmen (more info)
  • 8/7 – Schedule Change Day
  • 8/7 – Tryouts for Fall Sports begin (full schedule)
  • 8/7 – Sports Physicals offered to students/families (more info)
  • 8/8 – Used Dress Code Polo Sale
  • 8/10 – International Student Orientation
  • 8/11 – Freshmen, Transfer & International Student Welcome Day
  • 8/14 – First full day of classes – BYOD begins; be sure to bring your laptop

Back-to-School Forms

Family Information Form

This is an online form, emailed to the primary parents. We ask you to complete the form so that we have your current demographic and student medical information.
Parents will receive one form per student. Due date: August 1.

State of Illinois Physical Form

This form is REQUIRED for all incoming freshmen and is due to the PCHS Main Office no later than August 1.
This form also meets the sports physical requirement (see below) for FRESHMEN ONLY.

Be sure that your doctor's office uses the most current form, dated 11/2015 in the page footer.

Download form here.

IHSA Sports Physical Form

Required for all returning students, Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors, who will be trying out for any athletic team. Due to the PCHS Athletic Office before the first day of tryouts or practice.

Download form here.

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