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Get ready for  the 2018-19 school year!

This page is your “one-stop-shop” for all back-to-school information.  Please check back often for updated information.

There is additional information below the timeline, so be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the page.

Tip #1: Any information marked with the image to the left pertains
especially to Freshmen and Transfer students.


Tip #2:  We will text you when we add new information to this page; new items will be indicted with Updated in red text.

Back-to-School Checklist

This is a companion document for the timeline below; it can be printed for your convenience.   We hope it will help keep you on track for all due dates and events, so you don’t miss anything! Detailed information for all items on the checklist can be found in the timeline on this page below.   Download the checklist now.

Other Helpful Information

Back-to-School Timeline & Due Dates

DateEvent/DeadlineMore info found at....
Fri 6/15Busing Contract DueTransportation Page
Fri 7/6Family information form will be emailed to the Primary Parent for each student; To be completed online
Family Info Form

What is a Primary Parent?
Mon 7/9First Tuition Statement mailed to parentsTuition Payment Plans
Sun 7/15Last day to purchase e-books from eTechCampus; traditional textbooks still available after todayVirtual Bookstore
Fri 7/20Last Day to register for BYOD Setup Sessions (Freshmen & Transfer students only)BYOD Setup Sessions
Fri 7/20QuikLunch info was emailed to primary parentCafeteria Page
Wed 7/25First day of BYOD Setup SessionsBYOD Setup Sessions
Fri 7/27ParentPlus activation information emailed to any parent who currently does not have an active ParentPlus account (including all new parents)ParentPlus Page
Wed 8/1Family Information form due (online) Family Info Form
Wed 8/1Illinois Dept of Health Physical Form due for Freshmen onlyDownload Form

More info regarding student-athletes and required physicals
Wed 8/1First tuition payment dueTuition Payment Options
Thu 8/2Second day of BYOD Setup SessionsBYOD Setup Sessions
Fri 8/3Last day to order books from eTechCampus in order to have for first day of classesVirtual Bookstore
Fri 8/3Make sure you have all your school suppliesSchool Supplies
Sat 8/4Make sure that you have installed all the required apps and bookmarks on your laptopList of Apps & Bookmarks
Mon 8/6Back To School Night
4:00 - 8:00 PM
Enter via Door #4 by Athletics
Parking Passes, Used Polo Sale, Set up your Locker, Get help with e-books and much more!
Complete Back to School Info
Mon 8/6Fall Season begins for Football, Boys' & Girls' GolfUPDATED 7/13:
Fall Sports & Physicals Info
Includes order form for student sports portraits
Wed 8/8International Student OrientationMore info coming soon
Wed 8/8Fall season begins for Boys’ Soccer, Boys’ & Girls’ Cross Country, Girls’ Volleyball & Girls’ TennisUPDATED 7/13:
Fall Sports & Physicals Info
Includes order form for student sports portraits
Fri 8/10New Celtic Welcome
for Freshmen & Transfer Students

Students should arrive between 7:30 & 7: 45 AM
Drop-off at Door #1 or Door # 4
There is no Zero hour class this day
Dress Code is in effect
Bring Class schedule
Yearbook/ID pictures will be taken
Lunch Provided
Pick up at 2:35 on east side of building
Student Portrait order form

Have your student bring today or order online!
Mon 8/13First Day of Classes

Busses will run
Dress Code in effect
Be sure to bring your laptop and textbooks
Soph & Junior Yearbook/ID pictures will be taken
Student Portrait order form

Have your student bring today or order online!
Mon 10/1Seniors: Proof of meningitis vaccination booster requiredMeningitis Booster Info

Health Physicals

EVERY freshman must have a Illinois Dept. of Health Physical on file. This physical is also required if the student intends to participate in any sport, any season. Please make an appointment for your student’s physical now so that you have the form on file with us by August 1.

All  Sophomore, Junior & Senior student-athletes must also have a pre-participation physical each year. Download IHSA Pre-participation health form.

Seniors & Meningitis Vaccination:  The State of Illinois mandates that all seniors must show proof of a second dose of the meningitis vaccine at the start of the school year.  Please send proof to PCHS, Attn: Dean’s Office.  Due date:  Oct 1.  If you have any questions, please call Dean of Students Mr. Healy at 815.717.3156.

Fall Sports Information

Pre-Participation Physicals:  All student-athletes must provide a pre-participation health form. Freshmen Illinois Dept. of Health Physical will meet the IHSA and State of Illinois health requirements.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who will be participating in any sport this school year should submit the IHSA pre-participation health form.

Updated 7-13-18:  Download full info about Fall sports, including tryout dates and sports physicals

Updated 7-16-18:  From Burns Photography, download the info about High School Sports Portraits package

Info to Register for BYOD Setup Session

In order to make sure our newest students are ready for the start of the year, we require all new students to attend a BYOD Setup session.  At this workshop, students will learn how to attach to our Wi-Fi, login to our internet filter, use the student portal, access Office 365 and more.  It is important that students have this knowledge so they are ready for assignments and class work.

We emailed parents information on June 6, with links to a video tutorial as well as to the registration page.

Session dates and times are listed here.  Sessions are 3 1/2 hours long.

  • Wednesday July 25, 2018
    • 11:30 AM
    • 12:30 PM
    • 5:00 PM
  • Thursday August 2, 2018
    • 8:00 AM
    • 9:00 AM
    • 10:00 AM
    • 1:00 PM
    • 2:00 PM

Family Information Form emailed on 7/6

So that we have the most current demographic and medical information about your child, we ask the primary parent of each family to update this form.  The primary parent (which you indicated at registration) will receive one email per student.  Be sure to update EACH form that is sent to you.

  • If you are a returning parent and did not receive the form, you can access it via ParentPlus:
    Login to ParentPlus and click on Forms (upper right on green menu bar).
    You will see a form for each student enrolled at PCHS.
  • If you are a new parent and did not receive the email, please contact Mrs. Melissa Sallade via email. Be sure to provide your student’s full name as well as your name.

What is a Primary Parent?

The  “Primary Parent” is the parent who is responsible for completing forms and other “action items”.  We use this term when referring to emails and forms.

When you registered your student, you indicated who will be the primary parent.  The primary parent is the one who will receive information that requires action on your part such as completing online forms, setting up accounts, etc.   Our student database (Rediker) prefers that only one parent per student complete the forms.  If both parents complete the same form, data can become corrupted.  Therefore we ask you to choose which parent will be the one to do that work.

The Primary Parent should also be the person who best knows the student’s medical history.   In the case of split households, the Primary Parent is usually the one with whom the students primarily resides, as that is where we generally email and mail information.

If you would like to change the Primary Parent for your family, please contact our registrar, Laurie Ford.

  • Newsletters are sent to ALL parents for whom we have a valid email address.
  • ParentPlus access is provided to ALL parents as well.  (Each parent must have a unique email address, as that is his/her ParentPlus user name.)

School Supplies

For BYOD:  All students are REQUIRED to have the following items for their laptops:

  • Additional power adapter to keep at school
  • Protective carrying sleeve

For individual classes, we recommend that you wait to purchase most supplies until after the first day.  Teachers will let students know what is required.  One notebook and a pen/pencil should be sufficient for the first day.

Calculator: Math students must have a Texas Instruments TI-Nspire with Touchpad or TI-Nspire CX calculator.  (Please be careful and do not purchase the TI-Nspire CAS.)  When you purchase a new calculator, software is included.  Please be sure to install that software on your student laptop.

Locks:  Only locks purchased at Providence Catholic may be used on all lockers (hallway, PE, Athletic).

  • Returning Students: You may use the lock which you were issued during your freshman year. If you do not have a lock, you can purchase one in the Deans’ Office for $14.00 at Back to School Night or starting on the first day of classes.
  • New Students: You will be issued a lock for your hallway locker at no cost to you. You can pick up this lock at Back to School Night, or it will be issued to you at our New Celtic Welcome on Friday, August 10.
  • PE & Athletic Locks: Locks for PE and Athletic lockers must be purchased through the Bookstore.  Boys will need one for their Athletic locker and a different lock for PE classes.
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