Academic Assistance

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Peer Tutoring

The first step students should take when they need academic help is to speak to the teacher.  Our faculty members often meet with students outside of class to provide assistance when a student is struggling.   Students are also welcome to drop-in to the Tutoring Center for short-term help.

Students who needs help beyond that should ask their teacher for a referral to the Tutoring Center, where the director will take the steps to create an individualized tutoring plan.

Other Tutoring Options

We have a list of outside individuals and organizations that offer tutoring services.    Please note that PCHS does not endorse any of these providers; we simply post this list as a service to our families.  Download the list here.

Study Skills

View/print guide for study skills.

Summer Enrichment

Student who wish to expand their academic experience should refer to our list of summer enrichment programs.  Most of these programs are offered at universities across the country, and are designed to challenge students and expose them to new careers and areas of study.

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