Drug & Alcohol Prevention

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Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program  (S.A.P.) at Providence Catholic exists to create and environment for positive change. The S.A.P. is an expression of care for students who may be in academic, emotional or physical distress.

The S.A.P. consists of a group of faculty and staff who have been trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of alcohol and other drug use among students. This team will attempt to intervene in the lives of the students who are exhibiting inappropriate behavior in or out of the classroom. These behaviors may be caused by or linked to the use of alcohol and other drugs. Without strategic intervention, a student who is experimenting with chemical substances (including alcohol) may develop symptoms which become progressively worse.

It is our goal to help our students replace their harmful, self-destructive behavior with more positive actions and attitudes. The Student Assistance Program is modeled on the employee assistance program used in the corporate world. This is not disciplinary in nature. In keeping with our philosophy, Providence Catholic High School encourages those students who are concerned about their involvement with alcohol and/or other drugs to seek help from teachers, counselors, staff or administrators. The adult contacted will refer the student to the Counseling Department and Student Assistance Program.

See also our Student Assistance page for more information regarding personal counseling and support groups.


Every year, we distribute the following publications to our parents.  Parents are asked to read them carefully and discuss the content with their students.

Drug Free Directory

During the first few weeks of school, we send an electronic form inviting the parents to make a pledge that they would host drug-free and alcohol-free parties in their home.  We then emailed only those parents who made the pledge a unique password to access 2016 Alcohol & Drug Free Family Directory.  Use the password we sent to you in order to open this document.  For confidentiality and security purposes, we ask you not to share your password.  Thank you for your cooperation!

View/Print the 2017 Alcohol & Drug Free Family Directory  (password protected)

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