2nd Semester 15-16 – Sorted by Parish

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Honor RollFirstLastGradeParish
1st HonorsBrighidFobert10Assumption Coal City
1st HonorsNicholasJones10Assumption Coal City
2nd HonorsPatrickZofkie9Believer's Church
2nd HonorsReganSauer9Christ The Servant Catholic Church
2nd HonorsKamaronSmith9First Lutheran Harvey
1st HonorsIngridSchwartz11First Presbyterian Joliet
2nd HonorsCarlosVenegas10First Presbyterian Joliet
1st HonorsBrittanyJackson12Good Shepherd Church Frankfort
1st HonorsLucasJackson9Good Shepherd Church Frankfort
1st HonorsJoshuaLopina9Grace Bible Church Shorewood
1st HonorsChaseMcCool10Grace Bible Church Shorewood
2nd HonorsColinAirola12Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsKayleeAirola9Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsKaylaAmbrose9Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsSavannahBaker9Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsClaireBaudek12Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsRyanBlackburn12Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsNataliaCutrano12Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsJaredDrake11Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsDerekFreeman9Holy Family Shorewood
2nd HonorsKendalJudge12Holy Family Shorewood
2nd HonorsMarissaLewinski10Holy Family Shorewood
2nd HonorsDrewLogothetis11Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsMeghanMorrissette11Holy Family Shorewood
2nd HonorsAlexandriaNaleway10Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsKevinOBoyle11Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsNathanielOrszulak10Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsBenjaminOwings11Holy Family Shorewood
2nd HonorsJacobPurvis9Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsMatthewSebek11Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsHannaSpodarek9Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsCelineStroup11Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsMariaSvidron11Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsTristanVidican9Holy Family Shorewood
2nd HonorsAlexanderWojciechowski12Holy Family Shorewood
1st HonorsPatrickMcCabe9Immaculate Conception Braidwood
1st HonorsJeannineDiab12Immanual Lutheran Mokena
1st HonorsKelcieBurdiak11Nativity BVM Palos Park
1st HonorsDavidTriche12New Faith Baptist Homewood
1st HonorsBradleySample9New Life Church New Lenox
2nd HonorsTrentenAkre9Other
1st HonorsKaitlynBelt11Other
2nd HonorsBlakeCaldwell9Other
1st HonorsAidenChristianson12Other
1st HonorsEmilyConway10Other
2nd HonorsEmilyCummings11Other
1st HonorsSeraCummings12Other
1st HonorsCameronCutler10Other
1st HonorsVictoriaDoneski11Other
1st HonorsMichaelDrew11Other
2nd HonorsDe'ShonGavin10Other
2nd HonorsDe'WhonGavin9Other
1st HonorsNicoleGlynn12Other
1st HonorsMitchellGray10Other
2nd HonorsDelaneyHeller12Other
2nd HonorsNathanHeller12Other
2nd HonorsZackaryHeller12Other
1st HonorsTianqiHu10Other
1st HonorsGavinJaime10Other
1st HonorsErinJurgerson10Other
2nd HonorsDakotaKotowski10Other
2nd HonorsKellylynKotowski9Other
1st HonorsZackariLandy10Other
2nd HonorsDavidLeFevers9Other
2nd HonorsJacobLucky9Other
2nd HonorsSantiagoMcCain12Other
2nd HonorsJacobMcKendry9Other
2nd HonorsEmmaNelson9Other
2nd HonorsJacobOlinger9Other
2nd HonorsJacobScheeringa11Other
1st HonorsNathanSimowitz10Other
1st HonorsScottSlocum10Other
2nd HonorsElizabethStack11Other
1st HonorsRachelTemin9Other
2nd HonorsAdaWang12Other
1st HonorsSarahWedemeier9Other
2nd HonorsStevenWedemeier9Other
1st HonorsCarsonWhite10Other
2nd HonorsYibaiXu10Other
1st HonorsKaileyZych11Other
2nd HonorsKenneth MatthewCatausan9Our Lady of Peace Darien
2nd HonorsLenaPerme9Our Lady of Peace Darien
1st HonorsHannahBarrett9Our Lady Woods Orland Park
1st HonorsIsabellaCorso10Our Lady Woods Orland Park
2nd HonorsLillianCorso9Our Lady Woods Orland Park
1st HonorsJessicaKwasneski9Our Lady Woods Orland Park
1st HonorsChristinaMuraskas9Our Lady Woods Orland Park
2nd HonorsNicholasMurphy10Our Lady Woods Orland Park
1st HonorsAaronTompkins11Our Lady Woods Orland Park
1st HonorsKaitlynZiska12Our Lady Woods Orland Park
1st HonorsBryceBarnett9Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsAlexandraBeller12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsConnorCreed12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsCamdenCrowley9Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsMatthewCrowley11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsKurtDankovich11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsEmmaEckenstein10Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsBridgetFudala12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsKendallGloss12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsRachelGregory10Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsAlexandraHoye11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsJamesJeffries12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsMeganJeffries9Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsRobertJeffries10Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsShannonKnoebel11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsJakobLambert12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsJoshuaLambert11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsNicoleLaPapa11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsMiaMassaro12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsMichaelMassaro11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsJessicaMiklos11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsAlyssaMurphy12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsLaurenOConnor10Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsThomasOwoc12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsZacharyPych12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsTylerRoat10Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsJohnWard12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsAidanWheeler11Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
1st HonorsGraceWheeler9Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsJohnWheeler12Our Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
2nd HonorsGabrielleSalazar11Our Savior Lutheran Joliet
2nd HonorsJacobBest10Parkview Christian Orland Park
1st HonorsJosephBorrelli9Parkview Christian Orland Park
2nd HonorsJoshuaMrozek9Parkview Christian Orland Park
2nd HonorsMateoProbst11Parkview Christian Orland Park
1st HonorsStefannieSestak10Parkview Christian Orland Park
2nd HonorsCarsonSineni12Parkview Christian Orland Park
2nd HonorsAlianaWinkle12Parkview Christian Orland Park
2nd HonorsCaseyZavodny12Parkview Christian Orland Park
1st HonorsJamieZavodny11Parkview Christian Orland Park
2nd HonorsJasonSwenson11Peace Lutheran New Lenox
1st HonorsJohnAlfirevich12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsOliviaAlfirevich10SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsJohnBarrett12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsPaytonCraig10SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsMaryCummings12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsAnnaCzerwinski12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsBrendanDaugherty9SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
2nd HonorsSeanDaugherty12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsAnthonyDiNardi12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsMatthewDiNardi9SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsToniGardner9Ss Cyril/methodius Lemont
2nd HonorsGabijaGorys11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsAllisonHernandez12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsMaxHernandez11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsBradleyJenner12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
2nd HonorsLukeKilhafner9Ss Cyril/methodius Lemont
1st HonorsLukasKliarskis11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsDonaldMackowiak III9Ss Cyril/methodius Lemont
2nd HonorsMaeganMagante12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsPauliusMikuzis11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsGwenevieveMilas9Ss Cyril/methodius Lemont
2nd HonorsElizabethMotola10Ss Cyril/methodius Lemont
2nd HonorsBernardODonnell12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsJenniferPowell11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
2nd HonorsCassandraRojas11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsSophiaSenese11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsAlexandraSmyth11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsGarySpencer10SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsKevinSullivan12SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsMarissaSullivan9SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsMatthewTroy11SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
1st HonorsMatthewUlatowski10SS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
2nd HonorsEthanWoodall9Ss Cyril/methodius Lemont
1st HonorsDominicBorrelli10SS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
2nd HonorsEvanDuggins9SS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
1st HonorsOliviaDuggins11SS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
2nd HonorsStephenXydakis12SS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
2nd HonorsZacharyXydakis12SS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
1st HonorsIsabelRossi11SS Peter/Paul Naperville
1st HonorsAlexanderJedlicka-Kriz12St Alexander Palos Heights
2nd HonorsSarahDeCesare11St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsAisteKavaliauskas9St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsDomasKavaliauskas10St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsMaggieManalli11St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsBrendanMcGuire11St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsMadeleineMcGuire9St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsMeaghanMcGuire11St Alphonsus Lemont
2nd HonorsGavinMcKendry12St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsKevinOsborne10St Alphonsus Lemont
2nd HonorsAnnaSmagala12St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsAlisonTasso9St Alphonsus Lemont
1st HonorsRachaelWasmund11St Alphonsus Lemont
2nd HonorsJuliaKoziol12St Ambrose Crest Hill
1st HonorsJoshuaDiPego9St Andrew Romeoville
1st HonorsMaggieJoutras9St Ann Channahon
1st HonorsNicholasLappin10St Ann Channahon
2nd HonorsAlonsoSerrano-Kader10St Ann Channahon
2nd HonorsBiancaBarajas12St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsZoeyBengtson9St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsZixiChen10St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsEmilyHuguelet12St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsGraceHuguelet12St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsJamesHuguelet10St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsDrewHunniford11St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsRyanJoslyn10St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsChristopherKaminski11St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsJohnLand10St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsKyleMcBrady11St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsJohnMcFarland10St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsJohnMcGuire9St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsMichaelMcGuire12St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsMaryMiddleton10St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsRyanMiller12St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsMartinMisischia9St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsRobertMueller11St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsPatriciaSabal10St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsCatherineSlade10St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsPatrickSlade12St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsVictorTeodoro9St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsConorTownsend10St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsJosephTracy10St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsMatthewTracy9St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsMadisonWatson11St Anthony Frankfort
1st HonorsChelseaWells9St Anthony Frankfort
2nd HonorsKarliBoyd10St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsJerodBurczak12St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsMatthewByars11St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsDanielCanning11St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsRichardCostello11St Bernard Homer Glen
2nd HonorsLukeFreeman10St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsEliseGrill11St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsJamesGrill9St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsMaureenHennenfent11St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsChristinaMacNab12St Bernard Homer Glen
2nd HonorsMelanieOlson12St Bernard Homer Glen
2nd HonorsNoahPotempa-Burgard9St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsMeaghanWalter9St Bernard Homer Glen
1st HonorsChloeTroche9St Blas? Summit
2nd HonorsJacobDitzler12St Damian Oak Forest
1st HonorsMatthewLewandowski10St Damian Oak Forest
2nd HonorsCatherineMcErlean9St Damian Oak Forest
2nd HonorsGiannaAiello9St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsAllisonBoyer10St Dennis Lockport
2nd HonorsPaytenBruni10St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsLukeBussey11St Dennis Lockport
2nd HonorsClaireDiamond11St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsRachaelDion10St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsMalloryJatis11St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsEmmaLagger12St Dennis Lockport
2nd HonorsTheodoreLagger11St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsHaleyMalovan11St Dennis Lockport
2nd HonorsMadisonMann9St Dennis Lockport
2nd HonorsSydneyMann12St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsJohnMcAllister10St Dennis Lockport
2nd HonorsBrendanMcGinnis12St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsLiamMcGinnis9St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsBrantNiven9St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsKathrynPfeiffer10St Dennis Lockport
2nd HonorsJennaRenas11St Dennis Lockport
2nd HonorsBaileyStajura11St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsClaudiaUtz9St Dennis Lockport
1st HonorsDominickAmbrose10St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsClaireBarrett10St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsJackBarrett10St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsChristopherBinder11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsAllisonBrankin9St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsColinBrankin12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsAbbyBruno10St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsDavidCharnot12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsDanielConnelly9St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsPatrickConnelly12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsCarlyCosentino12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsMorganCoyle10St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsRyanCoyle12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsMitchellCunningham12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsTimothyDennis9St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsJessicaDorigan10St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsNicoleDorigan12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsMargaretDoyle11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsHannahGacek9St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsJamesHavlin12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsRyanIaciancio11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsEricJuds11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsNathanKrabbe9St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsPatrickKurcz11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsMaryBethMathieu9St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsHarryOConnell12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsBrianPeck11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsTimothy (TJ)Quinlan11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsAidanRowe12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsFionaRowe9St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsCaitlinShanahan11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsChloeStroz9St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsScottTatro12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsMorganVanderWey11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsJakeVennetti11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsJackWalsh12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsRichardWarfield11St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsJohnWolf12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
1st HonorsMichaelWolf12St Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
2nd HonorsDomenicKimak11St Francis Assisi Bolingbrook
1st HonorsFrancisBaffoe11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsGraceBaffoe12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsLaurenBernas12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsAnastasiaCokinos10St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsGraceCombs10St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsMatthewCrosse10St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsAllyssaDemma11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsBrianDonlevy9St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsSamanthaDorning11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsKevinFitzgerald12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsJackFrancis10St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsAaronGaspardo10St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsSamanthaGillooley11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsSamanthaGorecki12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsMatthewGruszkowski12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsJosephHarris11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsMichaelHiggins12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsKevinHoran11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsJakeIannantone10St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsLukeImburgia9St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsAndrewKay9St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsPatrickKay12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsThomasKelley12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsBlakeLaBelle12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsClairePaciga11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsGracePaciga9St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsNicolePartipilo12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsMichaelPerino9St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsMaryPoulos12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsColinRies9St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsCaitlinStephens11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsKyleStruck12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsTylerStruck9St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsEmmaSulski12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsMonicaTadros11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsMatthewTrzesniewski12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsAlexaVennetti11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsRebeccaWilko11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsJoshuaZubik11St Francis Assisi Orland Park
2nd HonorsMatthewZubik12St Francis Assisi Orland Park
1st HonorsAngeliqueAnonuevo10St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsMayrnaDababneh12St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsNoorDababneh11St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsSarahDababneh10St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsGenevieveDeMauro10St George Tinley Park
2nd HonorsBrendanGales10St George Tinley Park
2nd HonorsBryanGronek12St George Tinley Park
2nd HonorsDanielHoulihan9St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsMaeveHoulihan9St George Tinley Park
2nd HonorsMollyHoulihan10St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsJohnIrwin11St George Tinley Park
2nd HonorsBridgetKavanaugh11St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsKevinKavanaugh10St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsKateMiller11St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsDanielQuirke9St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsKellistaQuirke11St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsKatherineSaunders10St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsMarySchultz12St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsJaneSharp9St George Tinley Park
2nd HonorsMeganSullivan11St George Tinley Park
2nd HonorsBenjaminWarren9St George Tinley Park
2nd HonorsThomasYounker12St George Tinley Park
1st HonorsKateGardner9St James Sag Bridge Lemont
1st HonorsMichaelCascino11St John Cross Western Springs
2nd HonorsJamesGurley11St John Lutheran Joliet
1st HonorsMatthewHatzopoulos9St John Vianney Lockport
1st HonorsAnnaCabay9St Joseph Joliet
1st HonorsHarrisonFenoglio10St Joseph Joliet
1st HonorsHunterFenoglio10St Joseph Joliet
1st HonorsCailynShields9St Joseph Joliet
1st HonorsMakennaBartecki11St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsEleanorBilotta9St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsJohnBrightmore9St Joseph Lockport
2nd HonorsColinKaminsky11St Joseph Lockport
2nd HonorsNicholasKatello9St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsJacobMazrimas9St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsMaureenMcLoughlin11St Joseph Lockport
2nd HonorsGabriellePawlak11St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsZacharyPell11St Joseph Lockport
2nd HonorsBrennaRussell11St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsBriannaTully9St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsAnneWebster12St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsFrancesWebster10St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsJoshuaWilcox11St Joseph Lockport
1st HonorsGeaAlberico9St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsKelliBrach9St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsJohnBroderick9St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsTaraCollins10St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsMichaelCrawford11St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsRileyEviston9St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsRileyGraham11St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsMadisonHayes9St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsMasonHeimlich12St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsRossHeimlich9St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsAlexandriaJaworski9St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsShaunJohnson12St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsKennedyLake10St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsAdamNichols12St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsConnorONeill12St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsWilliamONeill9St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsMariaPapes12St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsElisePersicketti9St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsAmandaRachke11St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsMatthewRachke10St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsIsabellaSantangelo11St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsCailynTalamonti11St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsUrsulinaTomczak11St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsTylerTrella11St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsLiamTrost11St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsLaurenTures9St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsAidanTyk9St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsFrankWalsh11St Joseph Manhattan
1st HonorsJacobWalsh9St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsChristopherZeniecki12St Joseph Manhattan
2nd HonorsTheodoreAzar12St Jude Joliet
1st HonorsMasonGeorgantas9St Jude Joliet
2nd HonorsDylanGorski10St Jude Joliet
1st HonorsRachelGorski12St Jude Joliet
2nd HonorsDallasKlein11St Jude Joliet
1st HonorsHunterKlein12St Jude Joliet
2nd HonorsZacharySchaefer9St Jude Joliet
1st HonorsCatherineSpesia12St Jude Joliet
1st HonorsStellaSpesia11St Jude Joliet
1st HonorsJustinTomaselli11St Jude Joliet
1st HonorsGregoryBeeson10St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsTaylorBlake9St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsMatthewCerven9St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsJasonCiabattoni12St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsCatherineCicirale10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsJoshuaCosgrove9St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsNoraCzupek10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsAndrewDalton10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsChristopherDalton9St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsCaliDauparas9St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsHunterDauparas10St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsTimothyDee10St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsThomasDickason11St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsJacksonDvorak12St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsLizaEllingson12St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsEduardoFavela10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsLukeGarwood11St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsRileyGuillaume9St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsJonathanHorak10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsAxelJanecek9St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsMichaelKamowski12St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsBridgetKoval9St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsKatelinKowalkowski10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsJennaLack9St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsMichaelMadej12St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsCourtneyMahalik10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsGraceMonahan10St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsPatrickMurray9St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsAnalisaNolan10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsBrendanOHara12St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsJacobReyes10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsMeganReyes12St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsLilyRyan10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsMary GraceSantschi10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsDominicSchroeder11St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsCarleySmith11St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsKyle R.Smith11St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsTannerStone10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsAndrewTraven10St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsAntonioTuminello9St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsNatashaTuminello11St Jude New Lenox
1st HonorsCharlotteVenezio9St Jude New Lenox
2nd HonorsVivianMitchell10St Julie Tinley Park
1st HonorsGraceRost11St Julie Tinley Park
1st HonorsSamuelRost10St Julie Tinley Park
1st HonorsJohnScholl12St Julie Tinley Park
1st HonorsAlyssaGromala11St Liborious Steger
1st HonorsPatrickAyala9St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
2nd HonorsTimothyCederberg12St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
1st HonorsColinCothern9St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
2nd HonorsJessicaCothern12St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
1st HonorsJoshuaDeffenbaugh11St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
1st HonorsSarahDeffenbaugh9St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
2nd HonorsHopeEhling11St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
1st HonorsJovenGarces12St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
1st HonorsMeghanHowat11St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
1st HonorsJosephJuodvalkis12St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
1st HonorsOliviaMcGill12St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
2nd HonorsBenjaminMonsivais9St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
2nd HonorsMargaretMurphy11St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
1st HonorsJoshuaRamos9St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
2nd HonorsSeanStreicher10St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
2nd HonorsAnthonyWaldron10St Mary Immaculate Plainfield
2nd HonorsNicholasBoba9St Mary Magdalene Joliet
1st HonorsMadysenBrenn11St Mary Minooka
1st HonorsClaireGraham11St Mary Minooka
1st HonorsKhanhHau9St Mary Minooka
1st HonorsBradenKobus10St Mary Minooka
2nd HonorsJackKropke10St Mary Minooka
2nd HonorsShannonSmith9St Mary Minooka
2nd HonorsMacieAgnich9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsErikAnderson9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsRyanAnderson11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsBradBaldys11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJessicaBaldys11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsAlecBaltazar10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsMagdaleneBandyk10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJohannaBastas12St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsDerekBresingham11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsRyanBresingham9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsRyanCasey11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsPatrickCosgrove9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsChristianDavis12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsHannahDavis12St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsGabrielaDelCotto11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJasmineDillman9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsThomasDillman12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsGraceDryer9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsBenjaminEmery10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsDevinEvans10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsHannahFalejczyk10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsThomasFarley10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsLiamFlaherty11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsOwenFlaherty11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsAllisonGardella9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsGrahamGarrett9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsBriannaGeary9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsBridgetGeary11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsAvaGleason10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsOliviaGoodwin9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsWilliamGriffiths10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsMichaelHalleran11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsDanielHerman11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsConnorHilty12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJacobHilty10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsAndrewHolm10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsJoshuaHolm12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsEthanJudge10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsCadenKalinowski10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsJuliannaKowalewski-Silva10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsAlyssaLaBine9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsDanielleLagone11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsGiannaLullo12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJosephMarkasovic10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsMichaelMarkasovic12St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsKevinMarmo11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsScottMarmo9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsJosephMarnell9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsLindseyMarnell11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsBrendenMartus9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsJackMcConnell10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsMeghanMitoraj11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsFaithMorrison11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJohnMorrison9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsKatherineMurphy9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsMaryMurphy11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsMatthewNoone11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsSarahNoone9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsColletteOConnell12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJosephOConnell10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsAnnaOlenek12St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsMcKenzieOMalley10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsDominicPascale12St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsMadelynPascale9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJackPatterson10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsGiannaPrucha10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsColinPushic9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsErinPushic11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsHannahRegan10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsCarlyRenfro9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJohnRichardson12St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsMaeveRichardson10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsElizabethRohrer11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsMargaretRuane12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsDominicRusso11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsMatthewRusso9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsAbigailSchaefer10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsNatalieSchaefer10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsTaylorSchaefer10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsJakeSchutter11St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsSummerSee11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsBrianSeeber10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsSamanthaSharkey11St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsEmilySicinski10St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsMarianoSori-Marin10St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsChristopherStafford9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJosephStrick12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsJuliannaStukel9St Mary Mokena
2nd HonorsAdamTaylor9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsBenjaminWasicki12St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsNoahWasicki9St Mary Mokena
1st HonorsNinaPantoja11St Mary Nativity Joliet
1st HonorsSebastianPantoja9St Mary Nativity Joliet
1st HonorsValerieRichards12St Mary Nativity Joliet
2nd HonorsBrendanAird12St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsSaraBernecker9St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsThomasBernecker11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsAlejandraBotello11St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsRofelioBotello Jr10St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsKelseyClarke10St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsJohnCompagno12St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsJordanDababneh11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsAngeliqueDeBellis11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsKevinDiehl12St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsStephanieDuensing10St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsLindsayGraham9St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsMatthewGrzywacz11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsAdamHarrington11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsChristianHecht11St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsJacobJaneczko9St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsWilliamKarabel11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsDanielleKieffer11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsAlyssaLennon10St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsSarahLennon12St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsRodolfoMagana12St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsColinMartin11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsDanielMcDonald12St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsNathanielOHalloran10St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsAndrewPellettiere9St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsJosephPericht11St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsKathleenReynolds11St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsChloeTompkins9St Michael Orland Park
1st HonorsOliviaWydajewski12St Michael Orland Park
2nd HonorsNoelGurrola10St Patrick Joliet
1st HonorsEmilySchroeder9St Patrick Joliet
1st HonorsBrunoCaruso10St Patrick Lemont
1st HonorsKathleenCaruso12St Patrick Lemont
2nd HonorsJacobDolph12St Patrick Lemont
1st HonorsMatthewKing10St Patrick Lemont
2nd HonorsAngelleReeves9St Patrick Lemont
1st HonorsJosephNugent10St Patrick Manhattan
1st HonorsIsabellaAndreano9St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsAllisonBebar12St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsEmilyBoggetto12St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsCarolinaCastillo9St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsZacharyCostello9St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsNatalieDeters11St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsBrennaHarper12St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsShawnHarper12St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsGabrielleHuminsky9St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsMadisonJasper10St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsSabrinaLukin12St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsJacobMahaffey11St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsAbigailRagusa9St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsAllisonRaymer9St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsIsabelReid9St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsBaileyRemiasz10St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsCorrinRemiasz10St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsJoseRobles9St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsElizabethRoechner9St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsMcCauleyStar9St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsOscarTellez11St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsJakeTernik9St Paul Apostle Joliet
1st HonorsBenjaminZawacki10St Paul Apostle Joliet
2nd HonorsNicoleShemanske12St Paul Peotone
2nd HonorsRudyBatis12St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsKyleBell9St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsDanielBroderick9St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsMargaretBroderick12St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsIsabellaBucciferro11St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsAlessandraConte12St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsCaesareConte9St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsIsabelleHanson10St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsSydneyHarder10St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsMichaelJurlow10St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsAidanMcGinty10St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsSebastianMejia10St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsRyannOgarek9St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsEmilyPilon10St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsRyanPilon12St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsMaycenPirc9St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsCeciliaSpesia11St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsPeterSpesia10St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsJacksonStulas12St Raymond Joliet
2nd HonorsMatthewWaznis12St Raymond Joliet
1st HonorsAlexiCornelio11St Rose Wilmington
2nd HonorsKileyDuffy11St Rose Wilmington
1st HonorsCalistaMuraskas9St Rose Wilmington
1st HonorsAntonioAlejo10St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsRachelAlles12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsMichaelAltobelli12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsMadelineBear9St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsLaurenBird11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsEmilyBowles12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsDelaneyBray9St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsMarkCachey11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsCaraCox11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsJohnDunne12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsCarrieFuesel12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsMollyHallberg11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsHarrisonHoff9St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsCaleighJaskierski12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsAmyJensen11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsSarahKaley11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsLeaKulpinski11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsMeganKulpinski10St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsClareLima12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsConnorLima10St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsJustinLumanga12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsKarlyMarth11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsCarolineMurphy11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsJosephMurphy9St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsBrendanNieukirk10St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsGantOrloff12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
2nd HonorsTaylorPfeiffer12St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsHaileyRadakovitz11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsGinoSanfilippo11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsPatrickSullivan11St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsKeelyTess10St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsCarinaTolan10St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsEmmaUrchell10St Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
1st HonorsTylerBomba11Trinity Lutheran New Lenox
1st HonorsChristopherClement9Trinity Lutheran New Lenox
2nd HonorsHannahHandorf11Trinity Lutheran New Lenox
1st HonorsNoahOBrien12Trinity Lutheran New Lenox
1st HonorsEmilyJoos10Trinity Lutheran Tinley Park
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