Ashley Stajura ’14 Wins 1st Place in Windows Fine Arts Magazine Contest

Providence Catholic Alumna, Ashley Stajura ’14 Wins 1st Place in the Lewis University Windows Fine Arts Magazine Contest.  
Ashley received her BA in Illustration from Lewis University in December of 2018. This spring she competed in the Windows Fine Arts Contest. The piece she submitted, “Samhain” won first place in the Alumni Visual Arts Category. The piece was 1 of a 8 piece series. All 8 pieces were a part of Ashley’s senior capstone art exhibition. Each illustration was made out of chalk pastel and is 18” x 24”; also, when illustrating each piece, it would normally take somewhere from 30+ hours to finish one of the drawings.
Ashley has been published within the magazine, awarded prize money, and received a certificate, along with being a part of the reception for the magazine launch. Windows Fine Arts Magazine is an annual publication published by Lewis University featuring writing, visual arts and musical compositions submitted by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It features spectacular ranges of literary works, to the beautiful digital and the visual arts. View magazine here 

First Place: “Samhain” by Ashley Stajura

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