Harvest Drive Results

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Harvest Drive 2016, which generated more than $355,000 to date.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s support in helping PCHS thrive. Below are the winners of the raffle drawing, as well as the Top-Five students and families with the highest sales.

Raffle Ticket Drawing

Below are the winners of the Harvest Drive raffle drawing, which took place on Friday, September 9.

PrizeValueTX #Winner
Grand$10,00010976J. Sawyers
1st$2,00017751M. Buckley
2nd$1,00012088M. Spodarek
3rd$50024183T. Robledo
4th$50011703K. DiNardi
5th$20008844B. Valentine
6th$20005964J. Burkhart
7th$20022010K. Swanstrom
8th$20031505J. Harder
9th$10024176L. Demma
10th$10014407K. Townsend

Top-Five Individual Student Sellers

StudentMoney Raised
Meghan Morrissette '17$3,100.00
Alexandra Hoye '17$2,850.00
Madison Hayes '19$2,550.00
Gea Alberico '19$1,950.00
Rylee Richardson '20$1,450.00

Top-Five Family Sellers

FamilyMoney Raised
Walsh (Frank '17 & Jacob '19)$1,910.00
Morrison (Faith '17 & John '19)$1,000.00
Santschi (Mary Grace '18 & Anna '20)$1,000.00
Trainor (Keegan '18 & Aidan '20)$1,000.00
Tyk (Aidan '19 & Rowan '20)$1,000.00
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