Sophomore Addison Gosslin Accepted Into University Michigan Chamber Youth Choir Program

The University of Michigan Chamber Youth Choir is a program offered to high school students through the university’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. It is a yearlong program that meets every Sunday in Ann Arbor from August until April, and gives students the unique opportunity to learn under the direction of one of their professors and alongside some of the university’s graduate and undergraduate students. (You can learn more about the program here:

This past summer, Providence Catholic sophomore Addison Gosslin was accepted into the program – an exciting opportunity as she continues on her high school journey. In this program, she was able to develop her choral singing and learned how to blend with other musicians while singing together. This year, twenty one students were selected to participate, including 17 high schoolers and four current University of Michigan students.

“The application consisted of submitting academic transcripts, two musical references, and an audition video of a classical piece and a tonal skill of the performer’s choice,” says Addison. “Every Sunday, my mom and I drive to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for me to work with the professors and sing with the choir. My choir career started singing in the kids choirs at both the St. Jude Joliet and the Cathedral of St. Raymond at around six. I’ve also cantered at Masses and special occasions at St. Jude, the Cathedral of St. Raymond, and St. Mary Minooka.”

While a big obligation, it’s one Addison is grateful for. In addition to the opportunity of working with the professors and choir, she is able to perform in front of audiences – an important aspect as she builds her experience in choir and theatre. This year, Addison also landed a major role in the fall musical at Providence Catholic, “Little Women”.

“I have been involved with music one way or another my whole life. My first musical theatre show was in 2015 when I was only eight years old, and I have been involved in more than a dozen shows since then,” says Addison. “Theatre is something I have enjoyed my whole life, and taking part in theatre at Providence has worked to rekindle my love for it. I was terrified to start theatre again, but at the end of the first day I already felt at home and accepted. The environment in the theatre department is extremely positive and encouraging. I have met so many amazing people through the theatre department and have made memories that will last me a lifetime.”

Addison in her role as Amy March in the Little Women musical at Providence Catholic in fall 2022.

Through the University Michigan Chamber Youth Choir program, Addison was able to meet amazing musicians from Michigan and connect with the professors and students at the University. “Being able to come together to create and share an array of beautiful and unique music and the joy of creating music is such an amazing experience, especially with people who share a dedication and love for the arts,” she says.

For their end of the semester showcase, Addison was selected to sing a solo in one of their concert songs.

“This program is important because it lets young vocalists, like myself, experience higher levels of performance, helps familiarize us with what a college level choir is like, and exposes us to college life,” says Addison. Music has always been an impactful part of my life, so I wish to keep exploring and learning about music as I grow older. In the future, I plan to study music at the college level and peruse vocal performance as a career.”

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