College Planning

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Meet the Colleges

To view the list of upcoming college visits, you can also log into Naviance > Colleges > Colleges I’m Thinking About. Interested students must sign up and get a pass in the Counseling Office. Passes must be signed by the teacher of the class that will be missed at least one day in advance of the visit. Juniors and seniors may sign up to meet with college reps.



Parent Night Presentations

New Student Parent Night presentation:

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 6:00 PM in Commons.
View last year’s presentation

Senior College Parent Night

  • Tues, August 30, 2022
  • 7:00 pm in the Commons
  • Enter Door #14 in front of the roundabout

Our senior/college counselors, Mr. Murphy and Mr. Palmasani, will explain the Application Phase of the college search and selection process. This includes procedures for submitting college applications, requesting transcripts and letters of rec, and how and when to report test scores. Students are welcome, but not required to attend.

View the slide presentation here.
Due to technical issues from the area power outage, the recording of this presentation was not usable. Please contact Mr. Murphy or Mr. Palmasani if you would like to meet individually or have any questions.

Application Procedures for Seniors & Parents:

This handout explains College Application Procedures and Letter of Rec requirements for some of our students’ most popular colleges.  Download the handout here..

Conquering College Costs by Mr. Palmasani

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 – 7:00 PM in Commons

2022 Information Packet 

College Planning for Juniors & Parents

Download Information Packet

ACT  Test

  • ACT Registration
  • ACT Test Dates
  • PCHS School Code:  142-375  (This is also referred to as the CEEB code or ACT code.)
  • PCHS Test Center Code:  170-600 (List this as your first choice of ACT test locations for the April test.)

SAT Test

Test Preparation

Information for College Applications

  • PCHS School Code:  142-375  (This is also referred to as the CEEB code or ACT code.)
  • School Profile Document contains other info you may need for your application.
    2022 version coming soon!
  • provides resources and tools to help students create resumes that can frame their current life experiences in a way that highlights them as well rounded, quality individuals for college applications or employment.  A basic resume template is also available on Naviance > About Me > My Stuff > Resume.

Financing College Costs

  • Conquering College Costs Presentation: Frank Palmasani, one of our senior/college counselors and author of the book “Right College, Right Price,” will share ways to reduce college sticker price and show families how to find affordable college options.  This information is appropriate for parents of all grade levels.  See video above on this page.
  • FAFSA on the Web  Answers to  questions about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • ISAC   The Illinois Student Assistance Commission site provides information on the most popular methods to finding financial aid, including scholarships, grants and loans.
  • Scholarships: Scholarship opportunities and applications are posted on our Naviance site, under the “Colleges” tab.  Scholarships are added as they are received.
  • Scholarships & Resources for Catholic Students: This site offers unique scholarship opportunities for Catholic students including many in public service fields where they can make a positive difference in the world.  It also provides a list of valuable academic and career resources to further help Catholic students throughout their college and professional journey.


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