2018/2019 3rd Quarter Honor Roll – Parish

CiminoAlexandra9Second HonorsAll Saints Greek Orthodox Joliet
RzoncaMichael9First HonorsAll Saints Greek Orthodox Joliet
NakosSophia9First HonorsAssumption Greek Orthodox Church Orland Pk
FreemanMason9First HonorsCathederal Of St. Raymond Nonnatus
FreemanDerek12First HonorsCathederal Of St. Raymond Nonnatus
KnottConnor11Second HonorsChannahon United Methodist
McMasterRyan10First HonorsChrist Community Church
McMasterMadeleine11First HonorsChrist Community Church
SauerRegan12First HonorsChrist The Servant Catholic Church
CooperReece11Second HonorsDixmoor Apostolic Church
SmithKamaron12Second HonorsFirst Lutheran Harvey
JacksonAshlee9First HonorsGood Shepherd Church Frankfort
JacksonLucas12First HonorsGood Shepherd Church Frankfort
MarkelIsabella10First HonorsGood Shepherd Palos Heights
BoldenDarian9First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
BrennanWillard9Second HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
HansenBridget9First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
O'ConnorAidan9First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
O'ConnorSean9First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
OrszulakMatthew9First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
DeBartoloBenjamin10First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
PurvisJosalyn10Second HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
ResualiBrynn10First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
VidicanSierra10First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
DelroseGavin11First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
OrszulakNicolas11First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
RabeBrittany11First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
SchoutBenjamin11Second HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
Steele IIIDan11Second HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
AirolaKaylee12First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
AmbroseKayla12First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
BakerSavannah12First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
ParkerBrooklynn12First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
SpodarekHanna12First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
VidicanTristan12First HonorsHoly Family Shorewood
JohnstonMarc11First HonorsHope Lutheran Church
SteedCatherine10First HonorsImmaculate Conception Morris
PuettJacob9First HonorsLincoln Way Christian New Lenox
PuettColton11First HonorsLincoln Way Christian New Lenox
SummersLaila11First HonorsMarley Church
GeersJameson10First HonorsMinooka Bible Minooka
PierceHailey12Second HonorsMinooka Bible Minooka
SampleAndrew10First HonorsNew Life Church New Lenox
SampleBradley12First HonorsNew Life Church New Lenox
BoersmaRyan9First HonorsNone
ChenIsabella9First HonorsNone
CornelioSkylar9First HonorsNone
CraigDeon9Second HonorsNone
GriffisBailey9First HonorsNone
HealyMadison9First HonorsNone
BergAlicia10First HonorsNone
HeadrickCain10First HonorsNone
KesslerLucca10First HonorsNone
RhodesCody10Second HonorsNone
RhodesCourtney10First HonorsNone
JainAnika11Second HonorsNone
LeFeversCaroline11First HonorsNone
WilliamsonTaylor11First HonorsNone
GorescuGuilherme12First HonorsNone
KotowskiKellylyn12First HonorsNone
LeFeversDavid12First HonorsNone
TeminRachel12First HonorsNone
WedemeierSarah12First HonorsNone
WedemeierSteven12Second HonorsNone
WuWenqi (David)12First HonorsNone
ZhangTianqi12First HonorsNone
MadlerAlexis9First HonorsOther
O'GradyRyan9First HonorsOther
PhelpsNicholas9Second HonorsOther
AustrumsPaul10Second HonorsOther
ColclasureLuke10Second HonorsOther
JanovyakJillian10First HonorsOther
RossiLiam10First HonorsOther
SamawiSharbel10First HonorsOther
WallerBaron10Second HonorsOther
BraggsBrianna11First HonorsOther
KimTae11First HonorsOther
KingPrincess Esther11First HonorsOther
O'GradyMichaela11First HonorsOther
GavinDe'Whon12Second HonorsOther
CatausanKenneth12First HonorsOur Lady Of Peace Darien
PermeEva11First HonorsOur Lady of the Woods
JonesCaden10First HonorsOur Lady Woods Orland Park
SabutisSamantha10First HonorsOur Lady Woods Orland Park
TompkinsAdam11First HonorsOur Lady Woods Orland Park
BarrettHannah12First HonorsOur Lady Woods Orland Park
MuraskasChristina12First HonorsOur Lady Woods Orland Park
DiorioGianna9First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
GlossShelby9First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
MitchellClaire9First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
SimencJohn9Second HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
BatshonNatalie10First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
CrowleyDawson10First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
FudalaHannah10First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
O'NeilRyan10First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
WardPayton10First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
ZolpElizabeth10Second HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
AustinHillary11First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
GlossAvery11First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
GregoryDaniel11First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
JeffriesBridget11First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
MiklosConnor11First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
MitchellTrevor11First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
BarnettBryce12First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
BengtsonZoey12First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
CrowleyCamden12First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
GrahamLindsay12First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
JeffriesMegan12First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
OuyangJun (Billy)12First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
WheelerGrace12First HonorsOur Mother Good Counsel Homer Glen
BotichPeyton10First HonorsOut of State
MrozekRyan9Second HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
HallMadeline10First HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
KooyengaJohn10Second HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
SestakSophia10Second HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
CairoAshley11First HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
CarltonKailee11First HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
ManikowskiRyan11First HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
PavlisJohn11First HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
ZavodnyNikki11First HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
BorrelliJoseph12First HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
DitzlerAlyssa12Second HonorsParkview Christian Orland Park
DaSilvaGabriel11First HonorsRedeemed Christian Church of God
SlocumEmily11First HonorsSouthfield
KrockeyNoelle10Second HonorsSs Cyril/methodius
SullivanViolet10First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius
MoranOwen9First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
RuddyKevin9First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
ZankRobert9First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
WoodallKelsy10First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
AlfirevichJoseph11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
BarrettSarah11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
CummingsQuinlan11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
DavilaCristian11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
GorysIzabela11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
LabudaKailey11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
LioFrancesca11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
MaffeiAva11First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
MikuzisMatas11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
PietkaAlexandra11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
RuddyJohn11First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
SpencerSamantha11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
WhittleDolan11First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
DiNardiMatthew12First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
GardnerToni12First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
KilhafnerLuke12First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
Mackowiak IIIDonald12First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
MilasGwenevieve12First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
SullivanIvy12First HonorsSs Cyril/methodius Lemont
SullivanMarissa12First HonorsSS Cyril/Methodius Lemont
DugginsFaith9First HonorsSS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
SummersMaria9First HonorsSs Helen/constantine Palos Hills
XydakisEvan9First HonorsSS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
PavlopoulosGeorge11Second HonorsSS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
PsaltakisAnastasios11Second HonorsSs Helen/constantine Palos Hills
DugginsEvan12First HonorsSS Helen/Constantine Palos Hills
ValdezElias11Second HonorsSt Agnes
DevineDevin9First HonorsSt Alexander Palos Heights
BuddEmmalyn11First HonorsSt Alexander Palos Heights
DuganBurke11First HonorsSt Alexander Palos Heights
GarriganBrayden9First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
McGuireIan9First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
OndracekRyan9First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
PietAlexander9First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
SimrayhTatiana10First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
KerfinSarah11First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
ShurillaMary Ann11Second HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
WasmundMadeline11First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
KavaliauskasAiste12First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
McGuireMadeleine12First HonorsSt Alphonsus Lemont
FitzgeraldAlexa9First HonorsSt Ann Channahon
AppletonCarter11First HonorsSt Ann Channahon
JoutrasMaggie12First HonorsSt Ann Channahon
DerubertisDavid9First HonorsSt Anthony
CreanShane9First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
DugganAbbey9First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
FichtMia9First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
McGuireMary9First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
O'ConnorClare9First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
RusiniakElizabeth9First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
Bebar Jr.Christopher10First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
ContrerasSebastian10First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
LumangaJenna10First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
BeniulyteAngela11First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
MartelloElizabeth11First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
RyanEamon11First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
BussGianna12Second HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
McGuireJohn12First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
NeedhamBridgette12Second HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
TracyMatthew12First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
WellsChelsea12First HonorsSt Anthony Frankfort
Di GiovanniJason9First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
KowalikCarly9First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
MorenoSarah9First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
JenningsMeghan10First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
BackalBryce11First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
BennettConnor11First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
EbelBrayden11First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
Gasienica-ByrcynSamuel11Second HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
HallMason11First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
SlotaBrendan11First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
BurczakRhiannon12Second HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
ClementChristopher12First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
GrillJames12First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
KowalikAdam12Second HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
WalterMeaghan12First HonorsSt Bernard Homer Glen
GalliganiThomas12Second HonorsSt Boniface Monee
KozolBrooklyn9First HonorsSt Cyril
KozolMikayla11First HonorsSt Cyril
LuxAndrew9First HonorsSt Damian Oak Forest
McErleanCatherine12First HonorsSt Damian Oak Forest
BurkhartMadison9First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
JostesAdam9First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
SheelyColleen9First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
UherDavid9First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
BaumhardtJames10First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
BilinskiMatthew10First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
BillowsDavis10First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
GliwaAndrew Joseph10First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
LeonardJaiden10First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
LudwigPaul10First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
McAllisterAndrew10First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
SmithBraeden10Second HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
AmannJoshua11First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
CarpenterLauren11First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
DombrowskiDaniel11First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
VargasLaura11Second HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
UtzClaudia12First HonorsSt Dennis Lockport
RamirezCarlos9Second HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
SeguinMatthew9First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
SeguinShaun9First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
ToddConnor9First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
UktverisSimona9Second HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
WarfieldJuliana9First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
BarraccaVincent10First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
BustosKameron10First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
KrabbeAlexis10First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
LagmayTyler10First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
SoltysKatianne10First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
TalusanRaven10First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
CharnotMichael11First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
JudsKathryn11First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
LiuHaokai (Bruce)11First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
MaloneyRyan11First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
PottsJohn11First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
QuinlanVictoria11First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
SopczakTeagan11First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
BrankinAllison12First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
ConnellyDaniel12First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
DennisTimothy12First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
GacekHannah12First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
KrabbeNathan12First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
MathieuMary Beth12First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
RoweFiona12First HonorsSt Elizabeth Seton Orland Hills
AlfarahJohn9Second HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
CoyleElla9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
DonlevyDaniel9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
HamiltonGrace9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
McElreeMia9Second HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
McGushinEvan9Second HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
MeisznerWilliam9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
O'GradyColin9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
PikoCatherine9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
StukelShaw9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
TamosiunasPreston9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
WhittenMegan9First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
HamiltonKathryn10First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
JohnsonJulianna10First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
LairdBrett10First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
TopolskiTeresa10First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
WhittenNora10First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
ChibeNatalie11First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
CokinosChristopher11First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
DwyerHailey11First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
DykasEmily11First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
FloeckherChloe11First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
HesselmannJacob11First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
JohnsonKathleen11First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
MuchaJacob11First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
PorterRyan11Second HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
KayAndrew12First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
LairdKyle12First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
PerinoMichael12First HonorsSt Francis Assisi Orland Park
ZschachKenneth Jr9First HonorsSt Francis Xavier Joliet
LiangZhanyu (Bruno)11First HonorsSt Francis Xavier Joliet
ZschachThomas11First HonorsSt Francis Xavier Joliet
ChaveriatLindsey10First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
EspositoMia10Second HonorsSt George Tinley Park
KavanaughMichael10First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
NavalesKarla Ann10First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
SaundersElizabeth10First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
WarrenNicholas10First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
BanathyAdam11First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
QuirkeDaniel12First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
SharpJane12First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
WarrenBenjamin12First HonorsSt George Tinley Park
VinsJacob11First HonorsSt Hugh
GardnerKatie12First HonorsSt James Sag Bridge Lemont
RubioKevin10First HonorsSt John Baptist Joliet
PrinceRylan9First HonorsSt John Vianney Lockport
PrinceJayden10First HonorsSt John Vianney Lockport
SkrezynaJoseph11Second HonorsSt John Vianney Lockport
PucelAlexa9First HonorsSt Joseph Joliet
CabayAnna12First HonorsSt Joseph Joliet
ShieldsCailyn12First HonorsSt Joseph Joliet
PughNathan9First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
PughNicholas9First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
RourkeKelley9First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
WolniakowskiKailey9First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
CardamoneCaitlin10First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
ConnorsSamuel10First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
DavisonKatherine10First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
DeMoorKayla10First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
PetersonGillian10First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
RedmondJames10First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
SchaferWilliam10First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
PellLuke11First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
StepanekEthan11First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
BilottaEleanor12First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
MazrimasJacob12Second HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
PilonAbigail12First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
TullyBrianna12First HonorsSt Joseph Lockport
EvistonRyan9First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
GadomskiMason9First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
KnowlesAngelina9Second HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
PechoCarmen9First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
SanchezLuis9Second HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
TuresMadeline9First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
DennyLuke10First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
JaworskiJade10First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
MassatAbigail10First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
NickelHadley10Second HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
O'NeillBrock10First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
PetersonJack10First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
RyanSeamus10First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
YockKiera10First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
BroderickBrennan11First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
McGrathClaire11First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
McKinneyGrace11First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
PechoGracie11First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
AlbericoGea12First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
BroderickJohn12Second HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
EvistonRiley12First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
HayesMadison12First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
JaworskiAlexandria12First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
O'NeillWilliam12First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
PersickettiElise12First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
TuresLauren12First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
WalshJacob12First HonorsSt Joseph Manhattan
LennonAnna10First HonorsSt Jude Joliet
GeorgantasMason12Second HonorsSt Jude Joliet
CostelloElizabeth9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
DiColaOlivia9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
GerlockTrevor9Second HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
HogeveenMadison9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
LangeNathan9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
MattonBrian9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
NosekAbbie9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
PandolfiEmily9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
ReyesGabriela9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
Schneider IIIRobert9First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
SerritellaJohn9Second HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
BeesonJames10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
BlakeMichael10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
CosgroveRyan10Second HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
DickasonKendall10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
DunnMichael10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
FitzgibbonSean10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
GibsonAnthony10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
KohlerColin10Second HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
MurrayPegiene10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
PaolellaMia10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
PerkinsDavid10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
PiersonAbigail10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
RiemenDylan10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
TrudelleBrooke10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
WatanabeSeth10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
WatanabeSoleil10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
YaccinoGabriella10First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
BaffesGabrielle11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
DiColaNicholas11Second HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
GrossmayerMargaret11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
HorakJules Willem11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
MunozRicardo11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
PandolfiOlivia11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
SantschiAnna11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
SchroederEmma11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
TrudelleTyler11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
ZulanasNina11First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
CervenMatthew12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
CosgroveJoshua12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
DaltonChristopher12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
DauparasCali12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
GuillaumeRiley12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
ImJiyoon12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
KovalBridget12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
LackJenna12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
TuminelloAntonio12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
VenezioCharlotte12First HonorsSt Jude New Lenox
ChmuraDaniel9First HonorsSt Julie Tinley Park
RostKathryn11First HonorsSt Julie Tinley Park
Stack Jr.Joseph11First HonorsSt Julie Tinley Park
LachetaGabriella9Second HonorsSt Liborious Steger
D'AnnaJolie11First HonorsSt Liborious Steger
CooperKaylee10First HonorsSt Linus Catholic Parish
JonesGillian9First HonorsSt Mary
JonesAustin10Second HonorsSt Mary
MaloneyCorey10First HonorsSt Mary
AlvaradoMichael10First HonorsSt Mary Immaculate Plainfield
BiggsSebastian10First HonorsSt Mary Immaculate Plainfield
McGillSkylar10First HonorsSt Mary Immaculate Plainfield
PintoyAbigail10First HonorsSt Mary Immaculate Plainfield
DuranDavid11First HonorsSt Mary Immaculate Plainfield
CothernColin12First HonorsSt Mary Immaculate Plainfield
DeffenbaughSarah12First HonorsSt Mary Immaculate Plainfield
MonsivaisBenjamin12Second HonorsSt Mary Immaculate Plainfield
StukelKirsten9Second HonorsSt Mary Magdalene Joliet
BobaNicholas12Second HonorsSt Mary Magdalene Joliet
CrickmanOlivia11First HonorsSt Mary Minooka
SpreitzerJenna11First HonorsSt Mary Minooka
HauKhanh12First HonorsSt Mary Minooka
AndrewsLogan9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
CaseyErica9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
ChocolaMark9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
DavisEmma9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
DiNolfoAbigail9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
DuzanskyMegan9Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
HurleyMichael9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
KalinowskiKiera9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
KucalaMira9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
McDermottWilliam (Liam)9Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MurphyIsabelle9Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
NawrotBree9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
PanariciMichael9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
PignottiElla9Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
RonspiesFrank9Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
RussoGianna9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
StaffordNicholas9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
StraightPaige9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
TavaresJohn-Henry9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
ValloneErin9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
WasickiGrace9First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
BlockMary10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
ConwayKevin10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
DelCottoMadelyn10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
DillmanMaxwell10Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
DiNolfoKara10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
HittermanHayley10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
HoulihanMaura10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
HusseyKyle10Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
KnightSamuel10Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
KoszulinskiKate10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
LaBineChloe10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MarnellErin10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
McCabeNell10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
McConnellJoseph10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MeleiMichael10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
NooneJack10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
O'MalleyEmerson10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
RonspiesRobert10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
RybaBailey10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
SpringerColin10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
StraightDakota10First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
WintersWyatt10Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
BagleyAidan11Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
BahnamanMitchell11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
BandykMcKenna11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
CabadaGianna11Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
GardellaPhilip11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
GillesElisebeth11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
GleasonMia11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
HiltyRyan11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
HurleyMargaret11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
KalinowskiKennedy11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
KulinskiCharleigh11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MaloneySerena11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MarmoElizabeth11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MartinMikaela11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
McCloughanSamuel11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
NeubauerAshley11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
PaytonKate11Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
PignottiMaximus11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
PruchaAnthony11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
RenfroJacob11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
SeeberBenjamin11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
SicinskiZachary11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
TavaresBenjamin11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
TrainorAidan11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
VandenbergTrevor11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
VoltzKailey11First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
AgnichMacie12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
AndersonErik12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
BastasAthanasios12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
BresinghamRyan12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
GardellaAllison12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
GarrettGraham12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
GearyBrianna12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
GoodwinOlivia12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
HelminAlex12Second HonorsSt Mary Mokena
HoulihanMaeve12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
LaBineAlyssa12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MarmoScott12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MartusBrenden12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
McGinnisLiam12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MorrisonJohn12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
MurphyKatherine12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
NooneSarah12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
PushicColin12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
RenfroCarly12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
RussoMatthew12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
StukelJulianna12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
TaylorAdam12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
TompkinsChloe12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
WasickiNoah12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
YovkovichBlake12First HonorsSt Mary Mokena
AguileraSamantha9Second HonorsSt Mary Nativity Joliet
WhittleCecilia9First HonorsSt Michael
BrugessHarrison9First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
DooganJack9First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
HechtGrace9First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
HechtSarah9First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
MarantoAngela9First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
MartinMatthew9First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
BotelloCassandra10First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
CappelloVincent10First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
MilkovichAiden10First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
RamaduraiDevan10First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
RhodeSkylar10First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
SantoyoPriscilla10First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
CaputiArianna11Second HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
GrobarekSabrina11Second HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
HechtJoshua11First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
O'HalloranTessa11First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
PortilloIsaiah11First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
BerneckerSara12First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
PellettiereAndrew12First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
StoubIan12First HonorsSt Michael Orland Park
SchroederEmily12First HonorsSt Patrick Joliet
CarusoVincent9First HonorsSt Patrick Lemont
EgofskeRyan9First HonorsSt Patrick Lemont
KingAndrew11First HonorsSt Patrick Lemont
ReevesAngelle12First HonorsSt Patrick Lemont
McGrathMargaret9First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
SlatteryJack9First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
TernikKaitlyn9First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
CantuReed10Second HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
IssaTaylor10First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
ReidRyan10Second HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
ThompsonTyler10Second HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
McGrathMary Grace11First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
RobbinsMadison11First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
ScherfJakob11First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
ZawackiAlexander11First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
AndreanoIsabella12First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
CastilloCarolina12First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
CostelloZachary12Second HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
HuminskyGabrielle12First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
RagusaAbigail12First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
ReidIsabel12First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
RoechnerElizabeth12First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
TernikJake12First HonorsSt Paul Apostle Joliet
BordenBrian9Second HonorsSt Paul Peotone
O'BrienJames9First HonorsSt Paul Peotone
SullivanMacy9First HonorsSt Paul Peotone
O'BrienEmma10First HonorsSt Paul Peotone
O'BrienMary12Second HonorsSt Paul Peotone
BucciferroJulia9First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
ConteVittoria10First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
RaymerAshley10First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
RodriguezStefanie10First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
UedelhofenLogan10First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
BucciferroDominic11First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
KruchtenLauren11First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
SpesiaMaria11First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
StulasIsabella11First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
VassallNoah11First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
BellKyle12First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
OgarekRyann12First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
PircMaycen12First HonorsSt Raymond Joliet
DuffyBree9Second HonorsSt Rose Wilmington
LabConnor9First HonorsSt Rose Wilmington
DuffyAnna10First HonorsSt Rose Wilmington
LabAbigail10First HonorsSt Rose Wilmington
DuffyQuinn11Second HonorsSt Rose Wilmington
TheoharisEfstathios11First HonorsSt Spyridon Greek Orth Palos Heights
Babiuk MartinezMiranda9First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
KennyEmily9First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
KranzAubrey9First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
MagdziaszNicole9First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
MoreySophia9First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
RayburnAidan9First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
SchwarzJackson9Second HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
ZbonskiAmanda9First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
BrayKaden10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
CoxMatthew10Second HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
DegnerAndrew10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
GroosLaura10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
KulpinskiEmma10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
LydonKaidence10Second HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
MarfiaPatrick10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
McGrathNatalie10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
MuchaMadeleine10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
OldendorfJenna10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
TessEthan10First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
AlejoMichael11Second HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
AllesGrace11First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
CoughlinCharles11First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
GamboaGustavo11First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
HuismanSean11Second HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
JensenDaniel11First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
LappinColleen11First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
RadakovitzKyle11First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
ZbonskiZachary11First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
BearMadeline12Second HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
BrayDelaney12First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
HoffHarrison12First HonorsSt Stephen Deacon Tinley Park
TownsendJohn10First HonorsSt. Anthony
CarpenterJack9First HonorsSt. Dennis
PeckColin10First HonorsSt. Elizabeth Seton
ReifelGianna10First HonorsSt. Francis Of Assisi
PacigaLuke9First HonorsSt. Francis Of Assisi Orland Park
ChaveriatAshley10First HonorsSt. George
ParhamMaggie9First HonorsSt. Joseph
BraskyAndrew (Drew)9First HonorsSt. Jude
FisherJacob9First HonorsSt. Jude
OstrowskiAnna9First HonorsSt. Jude
SpesiaGabriel10First HonorsSt. Jude
ShahinAhmad10Second HonorsSt. Liborius
GillesLillie9First HonorsSt. Mary
GearyBrooke10First HonorsSt. Mary
MillaAllisa10Second HonorsSt. Mary
SinglerBrant10First HonorsSt. Mary Immaculate
DesRochersChloe10First HonorsSt. Rose
MietsnerKacey11First HonorsTrinity Lutheran New Lenox
KimSunho (Paul)11First Honors
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