Celtic Learning Center Success

It was August of 2006 when Sean Forrest first stepped foot into the classrooms of Providence Catholic High School. Nervous and shy, as many freshmen were, Sean wondered if this new school would be right for him. It did not take long for Sean to learn the answer.

Between adjusting to high school, developing new friendships, and making the soccer team, Sean felt challenged and exhilarated as he learned to balance all that high school offered. His circle of friends grew and his weekends were full of Providence sporting events and activities. Add the grueling schedule of soccer practices and games and Sean was living the life he hoped he would find in high school. But it was his success in the classroom for which he felt proudest.

In elementary school, Sean had been identified with a learning disability in reading. He knew that he needed to spend more time completing homework and studying for tests than other students in his class, and that was difficult to accept. He also knew that when he received additional help during the school day it made a big difference in his classes. Originally, Sean and his parents chose Providence Catholic because his cousin was a graduate and spoke highly of our excellent education. How, he wondered, could he be successful in a high school that was so academically competitive?

Sean’s timing for enrolling at Providence could not have been better. The same year that Sean entered PCHS, the Celtic Learning Center (CLC) was established. The CLC is a learning resource program designed to meet the needs of students with documented learning disabilities who demonstrate the potential to succeed in a college preparatory program. Sean worked with Dr. Eileen Ryan and Mrs. Mary Turkowski in the CLC and he developed the strategies he needed to progress in his classes.

Sean credits the CLC staff for his success in high school and guiding him into the right path for his college education and career. “Dr. Eileen Ryan is an excellent leader of the program and was there with me through the whole process,” he said. “At the time, I was the first group of students going through the CLC. Their individualized care for students learning at a slower pace was excellent. The program gave me the opportunity to work on on-going projects in other classes with trained professionals guiding me through it all. I simply would not be where I am today without the help of the Celtic Learning Center!”

Sean received a BS in science from the University of St. Francis and is currently working as a respiratory therapist in Jacksonville, Florida. Sean works with patients one-on-one in a hospital setting. His main job is taking care of his patient’s lungs through monitoring breathing machines, performing blood draws, and performing breathing treatments due to emergent lung disease and more. Recently, Sean has been working with traumatic injuries related to, asthma, smoking, heart failure and neurological disease complications.

Sean has accomplished much in his career and fully credits the help of Providence Catholic and his parents for his success. “My biggest inspiration are my parents, they were always there for me through some of my toughest times,” he says. “If it was not for the Providence Catholic and Dr. Eileen Ryan for believing in me, I would not be where I am in my career today. They changed my life.”


Providence Catholic has a long history of developing each student’s unique potential for learning. This philosophy has led to the development of the Celtic Learning Center (CLC). Our customized learning resource program is designed to meet the needs of students with documented learning disabilities who demonstrate the potential to succeed in a college preparatory program. To learn about the program contact Dr. Eileen Ryan or visit our website.

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