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God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails. 
St. Augustine

Celtic Learning Center

Providence Catholic has a long history of developing each student’s unique potential for learning. This philosophy has led to the development of the Celtic Learning Center (CLC), which is designed to assist students with documented learning needs and who demonstrate the potential to succeed in a college preparatory program.


  • Discover how you learn: The program seeks to help each student identify his/her learning strengths. This will allow the student to determine the most effective and efficient methods for learning.
  • Discover the methods and materials that help you learn: As a strategies-based program utilizing the student’s class work and textbooks, the program enables each student to learn to use his/her strengths to address challenges.
  • Become an independent learner: The CLC is designed to encourage each student to take responsibility for his/her own participation in learning.


Each student must meet the following criteria to be considered for the program:

  • Meet all requirements for acceptance to Providence Catholic High School
  • Provide a comprehensive evaluation completed by a qualified professional prior to freshmen year enrollment
  • Possess work habits and behavior that demonstrate the potential to succeed in a college prep high school

Celtic Learning Center Faculty

Mrs. Mary-Eileen Turkowski

CLC Director

Mrs. Theresa Kettwig


Ms. Lisa Killoran


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