Transfer Students

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Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors

  • Students must have credits up-to-date to satisfy Providence Catholic High School graduation requirements.
  • Students must have not been expelled or asked to leave their former school.
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Students will be admitted at an appropriate time.
  • Complete listing of transfer requirements is listed in the PCHS Student Handbook.

All transfer applications are subject to review by the Admissions Committee.  Transfers are not complete until official transcripts and letter of good standing have been received and acceptance is granted by the Admissions Committee.


  • Students will be accepted only if the family is moving into the area.
  • Students must meet the above stipulations.

All Transfer Students

  • All transfer students are subject to review at the completion their first year at Providence Catholic High School.
  • Students must take at least one Theology course each semester while in attendance at Providence Catholic High School.
  • All transfer students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Applicants for Mid-Year Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Classes

  • Mail or fax unofficial transcripts directly to the Director of Enrollment. Or, if you have copies of report cards, you may submit those.
  • The parent or guardian must submit copies of standardized test that the student has taken. These results can be obtained from the student’s current school.
  • Freshmen to Sophomore year: may have taken the STS/Explore/Terra Nova or Iowa Basic
  • Sophomore to Junior year: may have taken the 9th grade Explore or PLAN
  • Parent or guardian must submit a letter stating the reasons, or circumstances surrounding the decision to seek admission to Providence Catholic High School.
  • Providence Catholic must be provided with documentation from the Dean of Students from the current school regarding attendance and discipline.

For additional information, please email Mrs. Shannon Withers, Enrollment Director or call (815) 717-3160.

Completing your Enrollment

Contact Mrs. Laurie Ford, our Registrar at 815.717.3181 if you have any questions about the items below.

Required Forms & Actions

  1. Enrollment Form:  First step is to complete this form.
  2. FACTS Tuition Management:  Please visit our FACTS site to create an account and select a payment plan.  (If you already have a FACTS account, use the same credentials to log in.)  Go to the Tuition page to read more.
  3. Health Physical:  All students are required to have a complete State of Illinois Health Examination form on file.
  4. Dental Examination: Freshman are also required to show proof of dental exam.
  5. BYOD Program: All students are required to bring a laptop/tablet pc to classes each day.

Additional Info You Need

  1. Transportation & Busing Contract
  2. Ordering Textbooks  (You will receive an email from Mrs. Grigoletti with your student’s email credentials which you need to order books.)
  3. Dress Code purchases – Order early!
  4. PaySchoolsCentral for Food Service and Spirit Shop purchases. (You will receive a separate email from Mrs. Grigoletti with your student’s info needed to create your parent account.)
  5. Calculator Policy
  6. Info about Parent Accounts

Once you have completed the requirements listed above, be sure to check our Back to School page for everything else you need to know!

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