A.C.T.S. Hours

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Over the four years that a student is a part of the Providence family, he/she must offer minimally 60 hours of service work, which is also known as A Call To Serve (A.C.T.S.) service program. A personal reflection paper, which asks students to integrate faith and knowledge with their service experience, is a requisite component of the Theology curriculum.


25 hours of service for the community and world outside the Providence campus.
All components are due Tuesday March 28, 2023.

Please contact Mr. Oliver (Room 114) if you have any questions.


15 hours of service for the Providence Catholic school community (up to 7 hours), their parish community, their local community, or a combination.

Please see document linked below for complete explanation of requirements and procedures – they are new for the 2022-23 year.

Students have the option of writing a reflection paper (upload via Teams) or setting up a time to have a reflection conversation with Mrs. DeVries (room 12).  If you choose the reflection paper option, it is due March 28. If you choose the reflection conversation, this must be completed with her prior to March 1.   Be sure to read the information carefully!

Please contact Mrs. DeVries in Room 12 or via Teams if you have any questions.


10 hours of service to their parish or local community.

Students will turn their paperwork in to their Theology teacher on or before March 28, 2023.  

Please contact Mrs. Potempa (Room 115) if you have any questions.


10 hours of service at their home, for their church, for Providence (up to 5 hours) or a combination.  Please contact Mrs. Colbert (Room 109) if you have questions.  Due date for service hours and reflection paper is March 28, 2023.

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