A.C.T.S. Hours

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General Information

Over the four years that a student is a part of the Providence family, he/she must offer minimally 60 hours of service work, which is also known as A Call To Serve (A.C.T.S.) service program. A personal reflection paper, which asks students to integrate faith and knowledge with their service experience, is a requisite component of the Theology curriculum.


25 hours of service for the community and world outside the Providence campus.  Due date 3/2/18.


15 hours of service for the Providence Catholic school community (up to 7 hours), their parish community, their local community, or a combination. Due Date is 3/6/18.


10 hours of service to their parish or local community.  Due date is 3/20/18.


10 hours of service at their home, for their church, for Providence (up to 5 hours) or a combination.  Due date for hours and reflection paper is 3/13/17.

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