Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Thursday, October 22, 2020
 3:15 – 5:00 PM
5:30 – 7:45 PM

We use pickAtime ® online scheduler for our Parent/Teacher conferences.  pickAtime is available 24/7 and will allow parents to create user accounts,  select from all available times, change their schedule, print a schedule and request an email reminder.

Please be sure to read all information on this page carefully!

Changes for Fall 2020

  • This year, P/T Conferences will be conducted via phone or Microsoft Teams.  Parents choose the contact method when they schedule each appointment. (See below for more information about using Teams.)
  • We needed to include a brief 2-minute break in between conferences (which gives teacher time to call parent), there are fewer available time slots.
  • Conferences begin a bit sooner and end a bit earlier than in previous years.
  • This year, scheduler will open to all families on Tuesday evening and close at noon the following Monday.  See times below.
  • Message from Dr. Harper:
    Dear Parents,
    Here at PCHS, we celebrate and deeply appreciate the high level of parent participation we routinely enjoy at teacher conferences.  Traditionally,  we’re in a position to accommodate and to welcome most all of our parents, regardless of whether the student is excelling or struggling academically.   However, COVID-19 has caused us to rethink everything, including the manner in which we deliver parent conferences.  This year’s decision to conduct conferences over the telephone and via Microsoft Teams, has resulted in a smaller number of available conferencing slots.
    We respectfully ask that if your student is excelling in classes this semester that you email your questions to the teachers.  We would like to reserve this semester’s conference times for those parents whose students are struggling academically.
    Thank you for your understanding, flexibility and continued support.

General Information

  • Teacher conferences are limited to 5 minutes.  Counselor conferences are 15 minutes.
  • It is not necessary to schedule an appointment with all of your student’s teachers.  Feel free to be selective.  See Dr. Harper’s special message for this year.
  • You can print your schedule even if pickAtime is closed for scheduling.
  • If a teacher’s schedule is full, contact the teacher directly to arrange another time for a conference.  Unfortunately, Tech Support cannot help in this instance.
  • If you would like to meet any other faculty member or administrator (who is not on your student’s course schedule), please contact that person directly to set a date/time for discussion.
  • Be sure to have your schedule handy the day of conferences so that you don’t miss any calls!
  • Need technical support?  Email us!

Using Microsoft Teams

If you select to have a video conference via Teams, the teacher will call you via your student’s Microsoft365 account at the designated time.  The advantages to a video conference are: teachers can share documents (student work, grade reports, etc.) so that you can view them together, and you can see each other face to face.

There are a two ways to use your student’s account – either way, your student can help you!  Students participate in Microsoft Teams calls every day they are learning from home.

  1. Use your student’s laptop.   Make sure that your student is logged into Microsoft Teams .
  2. Login to Teams on your own laptop using your student’s credentials.
    You can ask your student for his/her credentials, or find the report called “Student Login Credentials” in the e-locker of your ParentPlus account.

Team Meetings

  1. Prior to the conference time, login to Teams using your student’s credentials.
  2. Make sure that the audio is turned on, or if you are using aheadset, that it is functioning.
  3. When it is time for the conference, you will see & hear the teacher calling you.
    There will be a pop-up window similar to the one at right.
    Click on the video camera  icon (the one on the left) so that you and the teacher can see/hear each other.
  4. In a few moments, you and the teacher will be connected.
  5. Remember that your student can help you if necessary!
  6. Should there be technical difficulties on either end, the teacher will call you instead.

Scheduling your conferences

  • View/Print directions for using pickAtime.
  • Important #1:
    Even if you have created a pickAtime account previously, you will need to create it again.  Each school year, we remove all parent accounts and “start fresh”.
  • Important #2:
    Your student’s full schedule will not be available until 7:00 PM on Tuesday 10/13/2020.
    If you create an account and attempt to schedule before the scheduler opens to all parents, your student’s schedule and teachers will not be visible to you.  There is no need to call us.  Log out of pickAtime and log back in after 7:00 PM on Tuesday
  • For the best selection of times, schedule your conferences early. History has shown that the majority of teacher appointments are filled within 36 hours of pickAtime opening.  This is especially true for teachers of Freshmen.

Click on the pickAtime logo to begin scheduling.pickAtime websiteOpen for scheduling for all parents
7:00 PM Tuesday10/13/20 through noon Monday 10/19/20.

You may login to PickaTIme at any time to print or view your schedule.

Procedures on Conference Day

  • Be sure you have your schedule handy so that you do not miss a call from the teacher.
  • At the designated time, the teacher will call you by phone or by Teams.
  • For the best experience, please try to limit background noise and other distractions.
  • Teacher conferences are limited to 5 minutes; Counselor appointments are 15 minutes. We adhere to the schedule strictly so that teachers will not miss or need to cut short meetings with other parents.  Likewise, we don’t want you to miss any meetings!
    If additional time is needed, please do not hesitate to schedule another appointment with that teacher on a different day for a discussion in greater depth.

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