Deans’ Office

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Our goal is to assist students with personal growth in order to become responsible members of the Providence Catholic community.

The Deans’ Office is responsible for student services such as attendance, discipline, health records, security, safety, automobile registration, parking enforcement, lost and found, and locker assignments.  We are available to help students and parents with all questions and concerns.

Student Absence

To report a student absence, call our attendance line directly at 815.717.3130.  Please make every effort to call prior to the start of the school day.


Student Handbook

All students and parents are expected to be familiar with policies in the student handbook.  Download a copy from this page.

If the school administration makes changes to policies written in the handbook, we will notify you via the Family Newsletter.  We will also post those changes on our website.

Parking Permits for 2017-18


  • On-Campus Parking: $195.00. Replacement tags are $220.00.
  • Gougar Road Permits: $145.00. Replacements tags are $170.00.
  • Payment by check only, made payable to Providence Catholic HS
  • Students must show school ID at time of purchase
  • New this year! If your car has a Providence Catholic license plate holder placed on the back of the car, a parking permit will only be $175.00.

Sale Dates & Important Instructions:

  • May 2 & 3:  Class of 2018 (next year’s seniors) may purchase parking permits during all lunch periods. Seniors who do not intend to drive to school should not purchase a permit.
  • May 3 & 4: Class of 2019 (next year’s juniors): Juniors must register for the parking permit lottery in the DEANS OFFICE.  The number remaining parking spots available will be calculated after the seniors have purchased their permits.
  • May 8:  The list of junior students (Class of 2019) who are eligible for a permit via the parking permit lottery will be posted.
  • May 9 & 10:  Junior students who are on the parking permit lottery list may purchase their pass for $195 (check only made payable to Providence Catholic) during all lunch periods.
  • August 2017:  Any junior student who is not selected for the lottery may purchase a Gougar Road Permit from the Deans Office at the start of the school year.   Please note: When parking permits are purchased at this time, a parent must be present.

Deans Office Staff

Mr. Keith Healy

Dean of Students
fax 815.717.3016

Mrs. Amy Knight

Administrative Assistant
fax 815.717.3029

Mr. Donald Reynolds

Assistant Dean
fax 815.717.3027

Mrs. Jennifer Williams

Assistant Dean
fax 815.717.3028

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