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Book Purchase & Rental for 2022-23 School Year

Important Dates

  • June 23:  Student credentials needed to purchase books will be emailed to each student’s primary parent
  • July 1: Our eCampus bookstore opens online.  See instructions for purchasing below.
  • July 22:  Deadline to order e-books. (After this date, only traditional books will be available.)
  • July 31:  Deadline to order to ensure books arrive before classes begin.
How to order Textbook Bundle

Directions for Ordering Textbook Bundle; Click to enlarge

Directions for Ordering by Schedule; Click to enlarge







Rental Returns & Selling Books Back

All families are responsible to return rental books to eCampus using a pre-paid shipping label.

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Rental Returns

If you chose the rental bundle, then you must return the rented textbooks to eCampus.

The deadline for returning rentals is June 2. After that, late fees will be charged.  For FREE SHIPPING, return books by June 1.

Important! Please do not return your state textbooks or any other PCHS-loaned book to eCampus.

Parents:   To login to the virtual bookstore, use your student’s email and password.  You can ask your student for this info or find it in the e-locker of your ParentPlus account.

Directions for returning rental books.

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Sell your Books

If you purchased your textbooks, you are welcome to sell them back to the company. Prices will be determined by eCampus.

Book Buy-Back is open from May 25 to June 25.

Directions for book buy-back.

Buy-Back FAQ’s

How to Access your Ebooks

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How to Access your Ebookshelf

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