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Book Buy-Back & Rental Returns 2019

CHANGE FOR THIS YEAR: We will not be hosting Book Return during Semester Exam days. All families are responsible to return rental books using a pre-paid shipping label. Save your Amazon boxes so that you can pack up the books at the end of the year!

Rental Return

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If you chose the rental bundle, then you must return the rented textbooks to eTechCampus. Return shipping is free, using your eTechCampus account. The return label must be printed no later than 5/30/19 to avoid incurring late fees.

Directions for returning rental books.



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If you purchased your textbooks, you are welcome to sell them back to the company. Prices will be determined by eTechCampus.

Directions for book buy-back.

Book Purchase & Rental
for 2019-20 School Year

Please read this information before ordering your students’ textbooks for 19-20 school year.

Important Dates

  • June 10:  eTechCampus bookstore opens online
  • July 12:  Last day to order e-books via the Combo Rental bundle or A la Carte.
  • July 13:  eTechCampus bookstore remains open, with only physical books available for rental or purchase
  • August 2: Last day to order books via eTechCampus so that you have them for the first day of classes.

Student Class Schedules

On May 13, 2019  we will email each returning student’s 2019-20 course schedule to students and their primary parents. We will also email the schedules to the primary parents of all incoming Freshman.   If you do not receive the email by the end of day on May 13, check the e-locker on ParentPlus or contact our Registrar,  Mrs. Laurie Ford.

Three Ways to Purchase

Families will have the option to choose between the  “Physical Book Rental Bundle“, “Textbook Bundle” or “Use Course Selection” methods.  The bundles are the most affordable option.  Rental books offer up to 50% savings from purchasing a new copy.

Physical Book Rental Bundle:  Consists of all physical textbooks which are rented and returned to eTechCampus at the end of the school year.  When purchasing a bundle, eTechCampus will automatically select the books for the courses your child will be taking.

eBook & Physical Combo Rental Bundle:  Consists of eBooks for all texts that are available in electronic format and rented physical books for the remaining texts.  Rented texts are returned to eTechCampus at the end of the school year.  When purchasing a bundle, eTechCampus will automatically select the books for the courses your child will be taking.  (Clarification:  If a text is available in electronic format, you will only receive it as an ebook – you will not receive a physical textbook as well.)

Use Course Selection:  Use your student’s class schedule to purchase physical or electronic books for each of your courses.  This method can also be used to purchase supplies such as locks and goggles for science courses.

Order Books Now

(See directions below if necessary)


 eTechCampus Customer Service

Their dedicated customer service team is available at 844-523-8980  Mon- Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, or at by email at


Guide for Accessing your E-Books

View/Print the instructions 


Read our FAQ’s

To Order a Textbook Bundle:

To get the best idea of how purchasing the textbook bundle will work,
we recommend you watch a short tutorial.  Then, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on “Textbook Bundle”.
  2. Read through the information & policies, and choose a grade level & bundle type, & click “Add to Cart“.
  3. Review cart and click “Proceed to Checkout“.
  4. Sign in with student’s PCHS School Email and password.  This information was emailed to you.  Please do not enter the parent name or another email address; this will cause problems for your student when accessing books.
    Click “Sign In to Continue“.
  5. You will then proceed through checkout.
  6. Click “See Contents” on the right side to see what books are included in the bundle, and what type of book (new, rental, e-book, etc.).
  7. Follow the prompts for payment to complete your purchase.

REMINDER: You must purchase bundles for one student at a time. This ensures that the proper textbook bundle is ordered. If you have more than one student, please repeat this entire process, using the proper student credentials in step 4 above.

To Purchase by Course:

  1. Click on “Use Course Selection”.
  2. Choose “2019-20 School Year” if necessary.
  3. Select all the courses for which you need books. Refer to the student schedule that was emailed to you.
  4. Click “Continue” when all desired courses are selected.
  5. For each course selected, choose the book in the preferred format (new, rental, ebook, etc.). Be sure to pay attention to which items are required, and to those that you may already own from a previous class (e.g., Bible, goggles, etc.).
  6. When you are finished, click on “Continue”.
  7. Follow the prompts for payment to complete your purchase.

REMINDER: If you are purchasing ebooks, be sure to purchase for each of your students separately. That will ensure that each student will be able to access his/her proper ebooks from the eTechCampus site.

Order Books Now

About the Virtual Bookstore

Fast Delivery

eTechCampus ships all orders from their warehouse the same or next business day via USPS or UPS Ground. Expedited shipping options are available, but it is best to order early to avoid extra shipping fees and for the best used book selection.

Customer Service

  • eTechCampus accepts returns on books purchased or rented through the website 30 days from your order date or 30 days from the start of classes, whichever is later.
  • eTechCampus’ dedicated customer service team is available at 844-523-8980 Mon – Fri from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST, or at by email at
  • You may contact PCHS bookstore managers Mrs. MaryBeth Carroll (815.717.3175) or Ms. Moira Olivetti (815.717.3366) or by email at with questions also.

Rewards Program

Shop with certain retailers and earn credit to help pay for textbooks!

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