BYOD Program

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Updated 2-27-23

All students are required to bring a personal laptop/tablet pc to classes every school day.  It is important to keep in mind that that the device MUST MEET OR EXCEED OUR MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS. Please be sure to review all information before choosing a laptop.

Should you have any questions, please contact Technology Director Mrs. Rosanne Grigoletti (815.717.3137).

Minimum Specs

BYOD Workshops
7/27 & 8/2
Info & Registration
info was sent on 5/5

Software & Apps

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PCHS Dell store

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Responsible Use

Required accessories – Please be sure your student has these items!

  1. Compatible stylus
  2. Power adapter to keep at school
  3. Protective sleeve
  4. Compatible headset (has earphones and a microphone)
  5. Highly Recommended:  extended warranty with accidental damage coverage

Choosing a Laptop

  • You are welcome to purchase a laptop from any vendor you choose; we simply offer our customized Dell store as a convenience and because our experience with Dell has been excellent.
  • We recommend that you purchase/order by June 1 to avoid problems with delays.
  • Each of the devices listed meets or exceeds our minimum specifications.
  • Strongly consider adding an extended warranty with accidental damage.  Accidents can happen to even the most careful student.
  • DO NOT purchase Microsoft 365.  Our school license agreement will provide your students with and Microsoft 365 account at no cost.
  • If you will be ordering a laptop instead of purchasing at a store, be sure to order the student laptop well in advance.  There are still supply chain issues for manufacturing and shipping.

Our Dell Online Store

About our BYOD Program

Read the 5 goals of our BYOD Program

As a college preparatory Catholic high school, Providence Catholic focuses on skills that will help your students beyond high school and into the college or university of their choice. Preparation for college involves teaching about our Catholic faith, as well as the traditional academic disciplines such as Mathematics, English, Science, and more. Providence Catholic also incorporates the appropriate use of technology tools and devices in the educational setting. We take very seriously our responsibility to prepare our students for a world in which the use of technology is not optional, but an integral part of everything they will do.

Technology has a huge impact on how students learn best, what they need to learn, and how they collaborate and express themselves in effective, engaging, and interactive ways. Successful students need not only to read, to write and to perform research. They also need to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. They need to be able to collaborate effectively and communicate to a larger audience. They must also be able to leverage digital resources, to be flexible and adaptive with rapidly emerging technologies. It is increasingly more important than ever that students be self-sufficient as they move from device to device, application to application, and environment to environment.

Providence Catholic students will acquire the skills necessary to select and use digital tools which will empower them in all areas of the learning process: research, problem solving, content creation, creativity, communication and collaboration. Our students will be trained to be innovative, to think critically, to ask questions and carefully evaluate the answers they find. They will learn to communicate with their peers, experts and others, and use creativity as they solve problems and demonstrate their learning.


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