Financial Aid & Scholarships

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At Providence Catholic, we strive to provide a quality Catholic education for your tuition dollars. Tuition covers only a portion of the actual cost to educate a student at Providence Catholic. Catholic education is an investment, and at Providence Catholic, we are grateful for the sacrifices our families make to send their students to our school.

An early payment discount is available as well as a monthly payment plan (10 month) through the business office. Textbook rental and purchase of a personal laptop and dress code items are the responsibility of each PCHS family.

Financial Assistance

Providence Catholic High School is committed to making a high-quality Catholic education affordable to students by allocating funds for need-based financial assistance. The financial aid application process at Providence Catholic provides a comprehensive assessment to identify demonstrated financial need beyond the household income level. We understand that household budgets are complex, which is why every family who submits a financial aid application receives a thorough review.

What is Financial Assistance?
Financial assistance refers to funds granted to make a Providence Catholic education more affordable to families. Funds for financial assistance are generated by the PCHS Endowment Fund, and through the contributions of generous alumni, parents and other donors to the annual fund drive. All grants are based on a family’s demonstrated financial need and the program’s availability of funds. Each family is required to contribute to the cost of educating their child.

Who should apply?
If a need exists, we encourage families to apply. Several factors are considered to determine whether a family will qualify for financial assistance including household size, tuition at private schools, unexpected and significant medical bills etc.

How do I apply?
All Providence Catholic families are invited to apply for financial aid through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, which guides PCHS to determine financial need.  Please allow at least two weeks for processing your application.  There is a $40 fee to apply.

Must I reapply each year?
Yes. Financial aid is renewed annually, provided the student is in good academic and disciplinary standing, and the family completes the Financial Aid Application each year to demonstrate continued economic need.

Awards & Scholarships

Freshmen Scholarships

Providence Veritas Award – The Providence Veritas Award is awarded to incoming freshmen who will show dedication to facilitating and improving campus culture as well as embodying the mission of Providence Catholic High School. The award is a reflection on their contributions to their communities and their anticipated success at Providence. The applicant should show a commitment to continue the Providence Tradition while embodying leadership, talent, and service. Ultimately, the award will be presented to scholars who will live and lead authentically and will positively contribute to the Providence Catholic community.

Merit Scholarships – Merit Scholarships will be awarded for high performance on the Placement Exam administered on December 2, 2023. (No application needed.)

Legacy Scholarships – Students whose parent(s) or grandparent(s) graduated from Providence will be awarded a Legacy Scholarship. (No application needed.)

Applications are distributed at the December Incoming Freshmen Placement Exam for the following:

  • The Kazma Scholarship

Upperclassmen Scholarships

  • Applications are distributed after March 1 only to families that apply for financial aid.

Financial Aid Timelines

Class of 2028

  • February 1 – Deadline for FACTS application
  • February 20– PCHS Scholarships announced via U.S. mail
  • February 20 – PCHS Financial Aid announced via U.S. mail
  • March 13 – Summer Work Program applications due
  • April (early) – Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) Scholarships announced via mail

Classes of 2025, 2026, 2027

  • March 1 – Deadline for FACTS application
  • March 13 – Summer Work Program applications due
  • April (early)-– PCHS Financial Aid announced via mail
  • April (early) – Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) Scholarships announced via mail

Illinois Tax Credit Timeline

January 13 – Online Application Opens (Funding is limited and is on a first come first serve basis).
View more information about the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship here .

Emergency Financial Aid

Families may apply for emergency financial aid year-round.  This funding comes from the Celtic Godparent Grant Program and is reserved for students who experience the death of a parent, loss of a job, or other special circumstance affecting the household income. Anonymous donors (Celtic Godparents) provide the funding as needed.

Discount for Parents who work in Catholic Elementary Schools

Complete this form and return to PCHS Tuition Office.

Summer Work Program

Students that apply for financial aid through FACTS are encouraged to apply for the 8-week summer work program which begins in June.  Approximately 10 young men and women work on the PCHS facilities and grounds while supervised by the staff of Providence Catholic High School.  Students receive a salary and are paid as follows: two-thirds is applied to tuition and one-third is given to the students via direct deposit.

2024 Dates

  • Start Date: Monday June 3. 2024
  • End Date: Friday, July 26, 2024

The program runs Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Students must be available to work for the full eight weeks of the program.  The only exceptions allowed from working every day is for attendance at one Providence Catholic summer camp (lasting no more than one week) and the Summer Studies Program.

Applications are due by March 13, 2024.  Applicants will be notified by May 1 if they have been selected for the Summer Work Program.  For questions about this program, please contact Mrs. Annie Persicketti via email or at 815.717.3139.

Apply for Summer Work Program now.

Once you have been hired for Summer Work Program

Documents Needed on First Day of Work

Please use this checklist of documents that need to be completed and turned in on the first day of work.
(* indicates that the document will be provided to student when he/she is hired.)

    1. Summer Work Contract *
    2. Providence Catholic Employee Information Form *
    3. Providence Catholic Direct Deposit Enrollment form * with voided check
    4. Application for a Work Permit * plus documents (under the age of 16)
      1. Social Security Card
      2. Birth Certificate
    5. Physical Exam Documentation *
    6. W-4 Federal Form*
    7. W-4 Illinois Form *

Other Requirements to be completed by May 31

In compliance with the Diocese of Joliet hiring guidelines, upon hiring, all employees must do the following.  These tasks must be completed by May 31. 

For questions about Virtus, contact Mrs. Sandy Carlson at 815.717.3174.

    1. Establish a Virtus Account at   
      1. For Organization, select Joliet, IL (Diocese)
      2. Choose and enter your username and password.  Don’t forget them!
      3. Enter your name, address, etc.
      4. For Location, choose Providence Catholic High School
      5. For Role, choose Employee: Parish/Parochial  (Do not choose a secondary role.)
      6. For Title or Position of Service, enter Student summer worker.
      7. Answer the remaining questions to finalize your account.
    2. Complete module Healthy Relationships 2.0 (will be assigned to your Virtus account)
    3. Complete module Sexual Harassment Protection Training (will be assigned to your Virtus account)


Who should I contact at PCHS if I should have questions about financial aid and/or scholarships?

Mr. Frank Palmasani, Director of Scholarships and Aid | Email Mr. Palmasani or call 815.717.3393.

Who decides how much financial aid I will receive?

Providence Catholic High School Financial Aid Committee makes awards according to the recommendation made by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment based on analysis of your application.

Why do I have to provide this personal and confidential information?

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment must verify your expenses and household income to assist your institution in making an informed decision about the amount of financial aid needed for each family.

How can I check the status of my financial aid application?

Once you have completed the online application, you will be able to log on to the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment website to check the status of your application.  Should you have any questions regarding your online application, you may contact FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment directly via email: or phone: 866.315.9262.

Does PCHS offer any opportunities for students to work on campus to help with tuition?

Yes.  Please refer to the Summer Work Program.

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