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Academic Assistance

Peer Tutoring

The first step students should take when they need academic help is to speak to the teacher. Our faculty members often meet with students outside of class to provide assistance when a student is struggling.

Students are also welcome to drop-in to the Tutoring Center for short-term help.  Students who need regular tutoring should ask their teacher for a referral to the Tutoring Center, where the director will take the steps to create an individualized tutoring plan.

Outside Tutoring Resources

We have a list of outside individuals and organizations that offer tutoring services.  We post this list as a service to our families, and do not endorse any of these providers.  Download the list here.

Study Skills Guide

Social/Emotional Resources

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program  (S.A.P.) at Providence Catholic exists to create and environment for positive change. The S.A.P. is an expression of care for students who may be in academic, emotional or physical distress. The S.A.P. consists of a group of faculty and staff who have been trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of alcohol and other drug use among students.  Without strategic intervention, a student who is experimenting with chemical substances (including alcohol) may develop symptoms which become progressively worse.

It is our goal to help our students replace their harmful, self-destructive behavior with more positive actions and attitudes.  This is not disciplinary in nature. We encourage those students who are concerned about their involvement with alcohol and/or other drugs to seek help from teachers, counselors, staff or administrators. That adult will refer the student to the Counseling Department and S.A.P.

Outside Resources for Families

We have complied a list of agencies, organizations, and support groups that can assist families and students who need additional support and counseling. View/Print outside resource list.


Drug Free Directory

Parents are invited to make a pledge that they will host only drug-free and alcohol-free parties in their home.  We email only parents who made the pledge a unique password to access to our Alcohol & Drug Free Family Directory.  For confidentiality and security purposes, we ask you not to share your password.

View/Print the Alcohol & Drug Free Family Directory  (password protected)

Consent Form

Consent to Release Information To be signed by student, parent/guardian, PCHS counselor and agency counselor

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