IL Tax Credit Scholarships For Families

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Questions and Answers for Families Applying for Illinois Tax Credit Scholarships

What is the IL Tax Credit Scholarship Program?

The State of Illinois recently passed the Invest in Kids Act to help provide families funding to attend the school of their choice. Scholarships offered through this program may cover a significant amount of tuition for next school year.


Who qualifies for the Tax Credit Scholarship?

Students from low-income families are eligible to receive an IL Tax Credit Scholarship. The Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) will make these determinations.

 What steps do I need to take to participate in this program?

Families can apply through the SGO of choice, Empower Illinois  Families will be notified of their scholarship application status by Empower Illinois.

The new application will be available through the Empower Illinois website.

The school admission process is separate from the IL Tax Credit Scholarship process.  An IL Tax Credit Scholarship does not guarantee admission.

Providence Catholic also offers scholarships funded through the school and the Catholic Education Foundation for the Diocese of Joliet. This is a separate application process for families


Benefactors interested in learning more about how they can receive an IL State Tax Credit read more here

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