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The Theology Department promotes the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional maturity of its students. Our theology curriculum strives to integrate growth in all three areas.
The Theology Department believes in the value of each person as a unique expression of God’s love, created in the image and likeness of God (Gn 1:26). The human person is on a journey of self-discovery and, according to St. Augustine, the search for self coincides with the search for God. This search is not conducted in isolation; an individual encounters fellow seekers who form a community of faith.
Within a community of faith, students will develop an understanding of and an appreciation for Holy Scripture and the history and tradition of Catholic teaching. With this understanding, students will critically reflect on their life, society, and religion to discover and live out their personal call from God.

For a full list of Theology courses and descriptions, view/print the curriculum guide.

See also: Service (A.C.T.S.) hours requirements.

Theology Faculty

Fr. Rich Young, OSA

Department Chairperson

Mr. Paul Ickes


Ms. Moira Olivetti


Mrs. Amy Potempa


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