$uper Celtic $weep$take$

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Another successful $uper Celtic $weep$take$ has come to an end.  Here’s the highlights:

Sold out!

That is what the more than 140 members of the Providence Family heard at the drawing on March 25.  For the 8th consecutive year, the $uper Celtic $weep$take$ was SOLD OUT!  All 1,200 tickets were purchased before the drawing.

Our Top Seller   

Congratulations to top sellers Mike Migliorini who sold 33 tickets. Joel McAllister sold the winning ticket. On behalf of the entire Men’s Club Board – Thank you!

Great Leadership & Volunteers 

Our volunteers are the finest around.  As a result of their hard work and dedication the $uper Celtic $weep$take$ was once again a HUGE success.  A special thank you goes to Ken Cicirale and Dave Graham, Co-Chairmen of the 2016 Super Celtic Sweepstakes, on a job well done. Also thank you to Craig McCutcheon and the phone committee who kept in touch with our sellers throughout the project. Thanks to all of the sellers and everyone who supported us by purchasing a tickets of our raffle.


All proceeds from the Sweepstakes Raffle will be used for school capital improvements this summer that will benefit the entire PCHS Community.

Congratulations to the Winners

PrizeValueTicket #Winner
Grand$40,000 #0240H. Stang
2nd$5,000 #0816T. Huster
3rd$1,000 #1678T. Hulsman
4th$1,000 #1134J. Zdziarski
5th$1,000 #0559Last Partnership
6th$1,000 #0634E. Kozol
7th$1,000 #1086B & J Phelps
8th$1,000 #0580R. Tamayo
9th$1,000 #0054B. Lebed
10th$1,000 #0776R. Wingate
11th$500#0050T. Broderick
12th$500#0794K. Sullivan & E. Blasing
13th$500#0568J. Ruffino & J Wilson
14th$500#0535T. Fiscelli
15th$500#0719S. Wall

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