$uper Celtic $weep$take$

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Sponsored by the Providence Catholic High School Men’s Club

For the 11th consecutive year, the $UPER CELTIC $WEEP$TAKE$ was SOLD OUT!

GRAND PRIZE DRAWING – Congratulations to the following raffle winners.

TOP $ELLER – Congratulations to top ticket seller Kevin Williamson.

LEADERSHIP – A special thank you goes to Ken Cicirale, Chairmen of the Super Celtic Sweepstakes, on a job well done. Also thank you to Men’s Club board and volunteers who kept in touch with our sellers throughout the project. Thanks to all of the sellers and everyone who supported us by purchasing a tickets of our raffle.

PROCEEDS – All proceeds from the Sweepstakes Raffle will be used for school’s Student Commons Project that will benefit the entire PCHS Community.


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