History at Providence

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History of Providence Catholic

Welcome to Providence Catholic High School! Here, we will share a little bit of the history of the school, including traditions, campus growth, academic expansion, and athletic highlights. You can view a timeline below (coming soon!), or read these articles by Mr. Kenny Raymond, Providence’s local historian. The history of Providence High School is interesting. From its beginning in Joliet, through its temporary closing during the Depression, the condemnation of the building in 1959, the new foundation in New Lenox in 1962, the crisis in 1971, the turnaround under Fr. Kaffer, the building period, the transition to the Augustinians, the expansion in academic programs and in student enrollment, the growth of its reputation, and its athletic success, all these things have contributed to that spirit which makes Providence great.

Articles by Mr. Kenny Raymond: The Lewis Pipeline Part 2  |  The Lewis Pipeline Part 1 Harvest Drive: Then and Now  |  Remembering Pat

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