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Music Step-Up Night on Feb. 7, 2019

Attention all Junior High Musicians:  Come be a part of our Choir or Band for a night!
Rehearse with our students and join us in the performance that night.

  • Date: Thursday, Feb. 7
  • Time:  4:00 – 8:00
  • Registration required by Feb. 5

About Choir

There are three different tracts of choir which all meet during 2nd hour:

  • Beginning Choir is for any student (freshman through senior) who have never taken choir at PCHS. Fundamentals of music are taught. Projects and tests are at beginner level.
  • Concert Choir is for sophomores through seniors who have taken choir at PCHS. A little more basic music fundamental knowledge is expected. Projects and tests are a slightly higher level than beginner.
  • Honors Choir is for juniors and seniors only. This level is for students who want honors credit and wish to challenge themselves. Honors choir students must audition for IMEA and be members of the choir for IHSA. They are expected to be the leaders of the choir at all choir events. Projects and tests are honors level.

All the choirs sing together at the Masses, Concerts, Jr. IMEA audition clinic, Step-Up Night and special events. Students have opportunities to cantor at Masses or sing the National Anthem at school sports events. We compete at IHSA in March. Many members of the Choir are members of the Music Honor Society, Tri-M (Modern Music Masters).

We go caroling in December and often go on field trips to various music events. Past field trips have included Broadway musicals such as The Lion King, Aida, Sweeney Todd, and Jekyll & Hyde; operas such as I Pagliacci at Lyric Opera of Chicago; and invited dress rehearsals at Orchestra Hall to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus work.

ILMEA District 1 – Honors Choir Members

Tri-M Requirements for Choir

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international music honor society for middle school and high school students.  It’s mission is to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishment and service, and to inspire others to excel at music and leadership.  Our requirements are:

  • A 3.0 or B average in music ensemble;
  • An overall C average in other academic subjects;
  • Completed one full year in a music ensemble.
  • Recommendation of Choir Director

Level 1: Honor Ensemble Participation
Students must have participated in Choir for 1 academic year; must be able to read music (identify treble and bass clef; pitch names; notational and rhythmic values; accidentals, time signatures, measure/bar lines; and directional notation, such as cesura, D.S. al Signe, Da Capo, etc.) and sing in solfege; and have been nominated by the Choir Director for their drive and ability to perform at the expected High School Level.

Level 2: Tri-M Outstanding Service
Students must have achieved Level 1; have participated and shown a dedication to the Choir Ensemble and to their own personal performance standard for 1 academic year; have participated as a Cantor for School Masses; and have been active in their own Parish Music Ministry throughout an academic year.

Level 3: Tri-M Leadership
Students must have achieved Level 1 and Level 2 and have proven themselves to be the best performer(s) within their section. Students who achieve Level 3 also have shown dedication to the Choir Ensemble by volunteering as Choir Representatives at Open House; going Caroling or participating in other community/outreach opportunities; or by helping other Choir members within the Ensemble with musical shortcomings.

Level 4: Master Musician
Students must have achieved Levels 1-3 criteria. Students who achieve Master Musician also have competed in at least 2 IMEA District Auditions or 2 IHSA solo/ensemble competitions (or any combination thereof) within the possible four years of Choir. They must be able to identify all 12 key signatures. Students must have been enrolled in Choir 7-8 semesters during their education at Providence Catholic.

Choir Director

Dr. Stacy Eckert

Choir Director


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