Harvest Drive Thank You

Harvest Drive '16Thank you to everyone who has supported Harvest Drive 2016.  The results of this fundraising effort along with top selling students and the raffle drawing will take place on Friday following the Olympic celebration.

All unsold raffle tickets must be returned by the end of the day Thursday.  Please bring to Ms. O’Brien in the Learning Commons after school.  She will be available until 3 pm.

Free Lunch Friday:  As a reminder the Advancement office will be providing a free lunch on Friday, September 9 that includes an order of Bosco sticks, water and chips.  Please check with your period 7 teachers as to whether they will allow you to bring extra snacks and beverages.

Late Money?  Providence Catholic will accept late money for online advertisements through October 31, which will be credited toward the student/family’s harvest drive obligation.  However, late money will not be considered when determining student/family prize incentives.

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